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  • by MutePrint
  • posted Oct 25, 2005

Vote, it's easier than recycling.

Watch this

Make the type messy and I think you got a winner!


this shirt is freaking AMAZING! I WANT IT


You may be right about the text, I was kind of going for an official "campaign" font though- as if this were simply the next logical progression in voting technology. I bet Bush would wear one of these.

up the butterflies

Great idea, but you executed it a little wrong, I could barley make out the trash can, maybe define it better?

Your idea was in the right place, AWESOME!


yay politics....i never get sick of this...



glad to see there is something on here that is a little political. no one makes anything PROTEST anymore!


wtf, is this telling people not to vote because their vote doesnt count?
why would bush wear this?


i agree with greenfoo. and i hate jumping on political bandwagons, but especially when the message of my "political" t-shirt is so vague (recycling is the next voting technology? but then why are you telling people to vote to prevent recycling? and don't ballots get recycled afterwards anyway??)


(furthermore, i agree with angryoldman all day today!)


christ, i expected people to be a bit more competent than this. first of all, that's wonderful that you "hate politics", sorry to inconvenience you with a concept that reaches a bit further than poop and butterflies. it must be nice living in one of the few countries in the world where one is priveledged enough to completely disregard the process of their own liberty. second, this design has absolutely nothing to do with telling people not to vote, nor that "recycling is the next voting technology". it is meant to address the fact that people assume voting is a secure and profound enough process in and of itself that it should be the full extent of their political involvement, and yet do not seem to question the seemingly obvious possibility that if someone were to alter the results of that vote, the public would probably never question it or even care (therefore invalidating the entire process). the comment of "vote, it's easier than recycling" is meant to convey that same lethargic attitude - that as most people prefer the convenience of just throwing everything away to the more responsible choice of recycling, they similarly prefer to essentially throw away their vote than make an effort to change the system by which it is taken. but you're right, i probably should've just drawn someone committing suicide under the silhouette of a bleeding tree and pooping out butterflies.

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who cares man. you'll always have to pick between a turd sandwich or a giant douche. as for the art, i think you need to pick one style and keep with it, the ratty flag looks bad against the crisp letters, so either make it all distressed on the can or all sharp. and it'd be nicer on different color shirts.


you have a good link between the two (voting...recycling), but i don't think the idea transferred well to the design, as you can tell by the lack of understanding in your viewers (it's not because we lack intelligence, by the way).


it's a trash can. it says "ballot box". not sure what's left to tranfer... these are all over seattle, seems like most people get it.


hey man, don't get all bent out of shape. you made an obviously political looking design. of coures people are gonna get all bent out of shape. even if you didn't mean to jump on the political bandwagon, it's gonna look like you did in a time like we're in right now. so don't make somthing like this and expect everyone to be open minded about what it might really mean.
as for the design, looks pretty good. maybe put more highlights in the can, it took me a while to see the trash can right away as well. but i wouldn't wear it, again, it's just me, it looks to political for me, i'd rather wear the someone committing suicide under the silhouette of a bleeding tree and pooping out butterflies.


Man, my sister always votes for Speed Racer. That ain't throwing a vote away.

Ok. Yeah. If you look at the way America's voting system is, it's true. I think. Kinda. Maybe?

The stars on the "flag" are really getting to me. They make me say "orragh!" violently. Or maybe it's just stylistic? I like the idea, wish you had a bit more definition for the lid, and would like a red.... shirt... for some strange reason, but still like.


im going to ignore the political comments above and just say that i love this shirt. i would definately wear it. it took me a moment to see the trashcan, so maybe define it a little more. also, the text doesnt go with the flag. maybe you could use text that looks just as battered?
i LOVE this shirt.


i also love this shirt...after the 2000 election, what the fuck good is voting anyway?
i'd buy!


I hate politics, so I would not wear this, but I do like the flag.

It took me a few seconds to figure out that it was on a trashcan, as others have said.


HaHa, just noticed it was a trashcan... awesome!!! Took me a hella-long time to see it.



Your flag is backwords. The field of blue always goes on the upper-left corner. This isn't hard.


I think I'd like it better if the flag was sticking out of the trashcan on a pole or something.


Agreed the can needs more definition.....great concept though.


i don't care for this at all because it basically sends the message "don't bother."


Love it, great flag. could have chosen betert font/color for type. 5$


This shirt is amazing! I honestly can't wear an article of clothing unless it's prone to incite debate with every single person who sees me in it. Oh wait, no one gives a crap about my polical opinions, and no t-shirt is ever going to change an institution. If you feel this strongly about the voting process then you're going to have to go through conventional channels ro change it, because empty sybolism sure as hell isn't going to do it.


I think its cool, I would buy it. 4


samiis. The flag is drawn correctly. It's pointing downward.

Satch. You cared enough to comment on it. Quite brashly, might I add. A t-shirt isn't meant to inspire a nation nor an individual for that matter. Perhaps you should go out and proactively fight against the corporate machine and its production of needlessly politically designed shirts; rather than post empty, angst-filled posts on an internet forum.

I enjoy the concept and design. As many have said, grungy text and a more defined lid would go a long way. Regardless, $4.



But seriously, a very excellent shirt. Poignant and powerful. Granted, I agree with other comments making it more dirty, maybe with an arrow pointing in the trash can with "Your Vote" leading into it or something.

Can't wait till I can throw my vote and money into this shirt and the trash can it beholds.

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