Retro 70s Guitar God of the Sky

  • by wilnag182
  • posted Oct 22, 2005

...and to those who continue to rock... I salute you. This design reminds me of when I was 7 years old and wore gremlin and bmx t shirts. Im kinda going for that retro look. hope you like it.

Watch this

me too!


i don't know you or anything so i'm not being's super cool!


Totally amazing! This is the best design Ive seen on the website so far!!


Picasso cometh Michelangelo with the necessary neo-classical touch...i love it !... simply ingenious. Whoever your mentor is, hats off to him, because he has cultivated an amazing protege in you, and i only yearn to see your next submission. Truly marvellous design, remarkable rendition......thou holy guitar god must have descended from his celestial planes up on high to inspire you in this design. STUNNING !


I'm nude at this exact moment.


well i appreciate these comments, from the nude and un-nude. anyone with helpful ideas who are not my friends please chime in


I'd have liked to have seen some more of the light green worked into his clothing, to make it look less like an afterthought, and more integrated.

I think the moon is visually distracting. Because it's solid, it's just way too "heavy". You could get rid of that.

I realllly like it. :)


love the colors, looove the design.. $5 very inspiring


It reminds me of The Darkness...which I like very, very much!

montmont profile pic Alumni

Needs a megadeth or iron maiden logo


um i dunno about that


i like the design, but the color combo is to used


lose the moon, it looks like a pizza. I'll still give it a 3


much like many of the above posters, i also do not know the artist in question, and therefore hold to bias to said artist . That being said, great design man, like it alot, lets see it in brown & khaki too


nudity . . . good stuff!


Nix the John Deere colors and pizzah-moon.


this is the first guitar shirt I've seen that's been excecuted nicely.


i like the design, but the colors are too lemon/lime soda for me. it's like wearing a can of fresca or something.


This jersey makes me feel to do a romance inside it. I hope you is nice. I like!


i dig it. love the color selection too.

the only gripe i have is that you have 3 different line qualities instead of one (the moon and lightening don't have the same thick-to-thin variance as the middle part of the design) which breaks up the cohesive unit, in my opinion.

but like i said, i dig it. unless you were an experienced designer, you prob'ly wouldn't even notice. i'm sure lots of rockers will be wearing this one.


The design is amazing, but the color combination is bad. Add a few more options and it's defintely a buy. $5

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