word to your mom

  • by kdubfive
  • posted Oct 20, 2005

Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs.

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really... thats it? sorry, id say no..

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I think its supposed to be sword, but sometimes you type so fast that the first keystroke doesn't register. Cause, you know, sword- that's a shirt with intense Czech significance right now.


without text


I thought this site was about shirts with art on them.


it is supposed to be simple. anything else takes away from it. it's a word. the word is word. simple makes a statement too. true art students get that.

et al.
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i think this is cool

et al.
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but i guess brinnyunit is right by saying that this is a site that's focussed on artwork...

sam says rawrrrr

yea, its alright, but this shirt would never sell. why pay $15 plus shipping when you could just buy an $8 shirt at walmart and iron on the message?


Did anybody else wince when you read "...true art students get that."?


i think it should say verb.


i winced alittle... Losmattocks.


LOL I thought about doing this this morning. Then, I realized that if I did, I would have to give myself a 0, which is exactly what I'm giving you. =)


Wow...Even I could do that. 00000


i winced and rolled my eyes, guys.


good design is about conveying message, however simple, not how many bezier points u can click in illustrator. i think it's hot, it is a statement. keep it up man, don't listen to the negative feedback.


Is this a tribute to the application you used to create this? Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.


This is hot?
This is a statement?


Since "word" is a "statement" of agreement, why not just have a shirt that says "yep" or "me too" or something? This is not a statement. This is just a cheap attempt at getting a shirt with no effort, thought, or creativity to print.



personally, I like it. and I would wear it.

"simple makes a statement too"

that justifies my reason as to why I like this.

Derry Farm

Yes I winced as well and then I thought about the number of past and present art students in here and then I winced again because this shirt is still boring and because it's simplistic and classicly centered it's even more boring. As a matter of fact this shirt gos against everything I was taught in Art school. Is that the Joke? Is this a funny? Maybe if I were a 15 year old Art student again maybe I would go looking for this shirt at Gadzooks since it's been done. Or yes just iron it on because it's a huge waste a money for a shirt. Stick to the graphics Kyler this shirt was a waste of your talent and our time. Your slinky Rhino was way cool. 5 for that
ZERO for this. Sorry Brah


c o n t r o v e r s y


this isn't a shirt i expect to be bought. this isn't a shirt with someone blowing theirs brains out, or a bear cutting off their arm. this isn't a shirt that took be 3 hours to draw and scan and vectorize. how long did this shirt take to make. about 5 mins. i found a font a liked, took it and tweaked it. i'm sorry if i offended sooo many people. it is supposed to be simple. under developed. white space. oh no, not the almighty white space! i took an idea and put on a piece of clothing. yeah, you could make this yourself. you could also buy a $2 polo style shirt and sew on a little horse and guy and sell it for $52.

does all art have to be visually stimulating? can it not convey just meaning?

boring. yep. statement. yep. 30 comments. half a day.


stfu god.
Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs.

what you said at the begginning is what it should say.
that'd be cool with bombs and pies and stuff lmao


lol katie.. i see your intent with the shirt.. smart, but doesnt deserve 1000 in cash and prizes :/


I just have to say that that was an excellent touche with the whole polo statement. Way to be. Plus, this is something I would wear...so I dig it.

xx oh darling

I've already seen plenty versions of this shirt just by walking through the mall. Can we say no effort?

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Wow. This is like the time that guy put a toilet in an art exhibition. Only retarded.


This is the first time I've ever wanted to give a mark below zero. Not for the shirt itself, but for the pretentious claptrap about how 'real art students' would appreciate this. The design hasn't worked; that's not the fault of the viewers. Knock it off with the "I'm a misunderstood artist" routine.

Put your 'come to drop bombs' slogan on a shirt and work up a design from that. It would be an excellent shirt because you're talented.


Lame, not worth $17 and you dont deserve $1000 for something like this.

Thats my opinion, you coudl ahve at least made a font or something to make this shirt better.


Word to your moms... hee hee. I like it! I say "word" all the time. Perfect shirt for me! 5 and buy


I actually felt a muscle twitch in my eye when this loaded on the screen. Jeez. 0


when I was younger I used to buy iron on letters and make my own shirts. You should so try that. Go away.

lemon of pink

true artists don't use arial rounded. usually.


Lmfao. Seriously cool.

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I really like it!

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It's funny. I wouldn't buy it, but it made me chuckle. 3

I don't understand why everyone hates it so much.

I do wonder how many MORE people are going to make the retarded "remove the text" joke b efore the voting is up, though, so I'll come back and check on that.

Text haters can suck it.


Remove the text. It just takes away from the simplicity.


I died a little inside.


too simple but works for some


Anyone who likes this should go buy a $2 package of iron-on letters and a bag of blank t-shirts. You could make three of these yourself for under $10. You could even write something interesting with your leftover letters.


almost forgot, this most have taken literally 5mins to do :(

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