Iew, this shirt is sold out in X Large Mens

This shirt has sold decently in women's sizes, but in men's sizes it has understandably sold little.... except in X-Large. I hope this is just a stock mistake or a printing mistake for Men's X-Large, because otherwise the thought of a bunch of overweight men running around in this shirt trying to be post-modern-ironic gives me the willies.

Watch this

i think that's funny:)


funny looking. Men boobies should not be accentuated.

i blame history

a guy wearing an XL doesnt exactly mean he is fat, trust me. besides, it could be girls buying it. i wear a guys XL. i wouldnt buy this shirt, though. i dont care for it much.


my bro is a men's xl. he isnt fat. he is if anyhting in great shape and has like a 6 pack, pex and all that other shit. hes also not crazy tall but tall.


Thats all well and good guys, thanks for pointing out that everyone who wears XL isn't overweight. I was only concerned about overweight men wearing XL shirts. More specifically, I was only concerned about Men With Boobs trying to Accentuate Their Boobs. But thanks for pointing out the obvious. Now lets all go sing Kumbaya under the Everyone Is Beautiful Tree.


Agreed. My boyfriend wears an XL and he is by no means fat. Not everyone is a scrawny little emo kid.


im glad i was able to "point out the obvious" to you rj

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Now lets all go sing Kumbaya under the Everyone Is Beautiful Tree.



I too am joyed to hear about the pleasure my words brought you TFMdesign! Lets boogey!


Lets Dance, to the song they're playing on the radio.


overweight mens have nice titties, and the shirt underlines them ! Hmmm OK oO


So thats how they do it in Europe!


Loool, how right you are !!! And this is how it should be ^^


Wait why am I complaining, in my picture for Squeaked I am presenting the Man Boobie. I guess I am already for Europe!


well you need to improve your boobie a bit, more fat, lesser muscle. No I'm kidding stay as you are ^^


I don't think I'm going to catch on in Europe. I don't want big boobies. I will stay as I am and love me for me, even if I'm not cuddley.


i love you for your muscular arms.


Yay American Girl! I'd like the European girls' attention as well, but not at the cost of having man boobs.


Maybe they just don't stock as many X-Large's? Just a guess.


Don't you know, it's noddabout da aaarms, but the A$$???

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just be happy they haven't sold too many men's XXL.


all this talk about men flaunting their boobies reminds me of this documentary I saw on TLC. It was about gynecomastia, men with breasts. It was the craziest thing ever. They showed this one guy and his girlfriend out shopping for his very own man bra. I know you wanna google "gynecomastia", but be brave and do the image search first!


you know, there are whole societies in africa (and in the south pacific, and once upon a time in the pacific northwest) where girl boobs are considered utilitarian and boring, but man boobs are considered highly erotic. It's because they typically only grow on a man who is eating enough to have them. If you get them at an early weight, how cool! (Kind of the obverse of the way that girl boobs are originally sexy because they make you think the woman can keep feeding a child through a famine period).

In a world where providing is key, boy boobs are hot. In a world where feeding kids is key, girl boobs are hot. A thought....

pink.lemony have big arms >.<


all the better to gather food for your well-fed little children....


careful, he has a big head, too.


where have YOU been?

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