• by IndieSnob
  • posted Oct 18, 2005

my scenexcore little brother would wear this with his ass tight girl jeans and his black and white hair...

but i wouldn't.

however, the nintendo is illustrated quite well.

Watch this

i don't get it. did the nintendo kill something?

My Very Own Succubus

I wonder if the Nintendo is crancky too? Maybe it needs some milk like the commercial says.

Flagil Reinhumps

kind of just seem like two things thrown together...what about a nintendo and a noose or a nintendo and a syringe or a nintendo and a vasectomy.


sorry.. I don#t see a connection either.


i guess it's a local thing. a couple of weeks ago 3 guys got killed over them taking a ps2. thinks like that didn't happen in the nintendo days. what ideas do you have for the nintendo then?...


oh yes, this reminds me of the time my best friend double crossed me so i chased him with a shovel, dropped it, so i picked up the nintendo and beat his brains out. there- there's your connection.


Yes, back in the good old Nintendo days people killed each other for their shoes or their jackets. I'm feeling nostalgic.


no that's bad

sorry.. retro NES with blood splatters.. two cliches.


Too many blood splatters


Oh I think I get it. You stabbed yourself because you can't get Contra to play, or maybe it reset itself after you finally made it past Soda Popinski on Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. You blew on the game for like 20 minutes but that damn red light keeps blinking. Used to happen to me all the time, then I moved into the 1990s.

Oh is that not what it means?


Well if only he would have remembered to put another game cartridge on top of the first one inside the slot, it would have worked and he would not have had to stab himself.


Thankyou mario but the princess is in another castle............


kind of just seem like two things thrown together...what about a nintendo and a noose or a nintendo and a syringe or a nintendo and a vasectomy.

Why doesnt somebody do a Nintendo vasectomy shirt?

ej ronin

Im guessin gthat the message here is that with the release of the CrapBox 360 and PS3....the older, first gen systems such as nintendo have lost even their nostalgia - therefore - its dead. Could use better execution to illustrate the idea I suppose. The whole dripping blood, splatter over / under an objext is getting tiresome. Like a trucker cap - it was in, then out....

Something along the lines of someone hanging themselves with a nintendo controller, or perhaps reliving the old SEGA NINTENDO rivlary would prpbably do you more good here.


nintendo's kill people all the time. this is warning people to stop playing them.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

i'm throwing this one into the pile of designs with blood spatters on it. but you get extra points for randomness


NO NO NO EVERYONE IS see ..what fell..and landed on mario!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

this doesn't make any sense.


what the hell is this besides extremely lame?


What would be really good, would be an NES, blood splattered holding a gun, after shooting the SEGA.


I guess everyone's already said it, but...what do giant blood splatters have to do with Nintendo? Your design is good; try to find a better topic next time.

Jason Dorn

maybe if the nintendo was covered in blood, but this placement doesn't say much.

having said that, the nintendo vector itself looks sweet

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