Lucky for some

Made me giggle.

Watch this

On that colour the thought bubble become the focal point whereas i reckon the cute as, well illustrated bunny should be ^__^


i agree with hoiyes, the bunny should be the focal point, so that people look at the bunny first, and then the blurb. i don't know exactly how this would be acheived, maybe change the bubble color, maybe make it smaller and the rabbit bigger? etc.
very clever though, nice work. and i like how the L in lucky is the rabbits leg, although at first, i didn't really get what it was until i looked at the rabbit, so if possible,make it more clear that it's a bunny's leg ...good job


Make the rabbit bigger, I think it would work better without the text really. In any case +4


morbid, but cool


HAHA Nice idea. But I agree with the fellows above. Try to make the text work "around" the bunny.


aww..poor bunny. nice concept, i want one. yeah, make the bunny bigger so we don't read the words first and go "what the hell?"


Different illustration style, but already has a t-shirt covering this concept...

I'm not saying you were neccessarily "inspired by" the defunker version, just pointing out that this idea is already available on a t-shirt - coincidentally from a site that sells Threadless shirts, too.

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Hadn't been to defunker until just now, guess it is the same basic idea but I like mine better (I would wouldn't I), hope others do too.


palmercash sells the same shirt (as the defunker one) done.


i really like it!!
too bad all the other shirt places has them too

haha gotcha

Yes, I agree with hoiyes. The balloon should be a lighter color, to define the bunny. At first glance I didn't get it, because I was focusing on the balloon. But the picture is very cute and funny. I like it.


no text would b funnier...and everyone would get it


i like this one better than the defunker one. text is good


Isnt' there another shirt on this site, or some other t-shirt site that's a lot like this one? D:


definately lose the text.

peg-legged rabbit is awesome.

tiger obrien

you need the text to see the L-leg, and get the luck charm joke. i love this shirt. $5


maybe just outlining the bunny would make him stand out better. totally keep the text. makes it funnier. woo.


This would be really cool without the thought bubble. Just having a bunny with a pegleg is statement enough, spelling it out makes it less clever.


cchana, at 3:56pm on Oct 18, 2005

morbid, but cool


I agree that the text doesn't need to be there. It's cute, but it takes away from the bunny, and I think anyone who looked at the bunny twice would get it.

Very cool illustration, by the way. Love it.


more bunny but GREAT idea, 4


I'd like just the bunny with the pegleg...a joke's never funny when you explain it! But I'm givin' it a five anyways 'cause I laughed.


Haha, I love it!

Maybe make the bubble lighter though, and the bunny a bit darker so you see the bubble first. I found it very funny, niiice.

I'd so buy this. Too bad I'm poor. :'(

i heart pirates 2

i made love with a rabbit onceut he had all 4 legs


Lose the text, we get it.


i've seen this before...

lose the text fo shizzel.



This is great. Four and a buy for sure!


Jesus H Christ, this is the best tshirt i've ever seen in my life fo sho.


the shirt would be better without the text and just the image. They are competing to much.

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Thanks for the comments, I've submitted a revised design which I hope will be up soon. Look out for it if you're interested. Cheers.

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