Morgan Freeman 4 Prez

A Vote for Morgan is a vote for God.

Watch this
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even heathens would vote for morgan freeman. Didnt mean for that to rhyme but you get my point. Cool T.


i luv live trace!


done in illustrator, without the Live Trace feature, i don't have CS2 unfortunately.


yea... i know too many guy's that would wear this.
It's pretty sweet though i must say.. The beige patch right on the front of his head is annoying..

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I love Gary Coleman, he's really funny (looking). Neat trace you got there mate!

"Clap on clap clap clap on clap clap*.. the clapper!"

Candyman 187

He got my vote... id rock thiz one 4 sho

one thug one nation


hes so tight


like, alot, but Freeman shouldn't be an image from "Bruce Almighty", how 'bout an image from "Shawshank"? would vote for him w/ Tim Robbins as a running mate.


I agree Kemii, Shawshank is a million times better than Bruce Almighty buuutttt... he wouldn't look very presidential in prison garb. And although he was the president in Deep Impact, he looked too damn square.


I Like this , but I have one question, for anyone who can awnser.
Is the artist possibly putting himself at risk of being sued ?
(Im assuming he/she does not have written consent to use Mr. Freeman's image likeness and name )
If printed and sold it may be a legal problem to collect a profit by using anothers image and name w/o their consent.


morgan freeman! 5!


LOL. don't like that Monotype Corsiva font tho...
other wise funny. =D


It's sort of an interesting idea, but Threadless would never print this. Morgan could sue their asses off.


Morgan Freeman in Clean & Sober. There's your President.
I like it how it is, too. 5.


is he running?!!? that would rule


Morgan Freeman could NOT “sue their asses off” for this shirt. It is a parody - it is NOT intended to be taken seriously. IF the shirt was a serious attempt at attacking Mr. Freeman in a way that the average person would believe that the attack or statement was true OR if Mr. Freeman was selling his own shirts with this message then and only then would he have a case. Do you think that all the actors on MAD TV or Saturday Night Live get sued every time they make fun of a celebrity? NO, because parody is protected by the first amendment - it is free speech.

hope they print it


Ummm..... why?
It's a good design and all, but why him for pres? am I missing something?


As said before, Morgan's people could sue for suing sake. Did you not read the submission rules? try making a shirt of Madonna and see what happens.


Actually I did read them, and I went back and read them... it says not to use copyrighted images. You can't copyright someones or your own face. Do you think George W. can sue people for all the shirts that are flat out making fun of him... no. Vote on the shirt, not on your interpretation of the law. Leave that stuff up to the Jakes.

Bobby Bonbons

The Bruce Almighty look is the best choice, because the religious right has no choice but to vote for him.

Because he's Ya-friggin-weh!


hey kaloyster, its MORGAN FREEMAN, not gary coleman.
i would buy

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