Track 'Em Down

URB tracks down the best bands, blasting tracks that will leave your ears ringing. Hope u guys like the design

Watch this

doesn't need the note


i think the tank and the note could be the centerpeice? the track of casette tapes and cd's are a tad distracting.


i like this a lot. it might look better if the note was being fired out or something


i like it alot
and i like the note at the end of the cannon
crazylikebacon was right, it would be cooler if it was being fired out


I like the note how it is, it reminds me of smoke as though the cannon was just fired :o] Cute design.


If someone didn't know about the URB
contest they may think the tank is out
to flatten music.


like this alot, although abe is probably right, just get rid of the tracks.
Tank and note alone would be super cool xtra
the note is fine just as it is, forget all this firing it out the barrel, so literal.


cool haha. try the yellow of the blue on the brown maybe. also, i dont really like the 'folderish' icon of the tracks. think the note is just fine.


Am sooooooo bored with all these designs relating to audio materials, cassettes, tapes, turntables, ipods, walkmans, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Why cant these designers drop all that and do something Unique?

Johnny kickers

hey jamesa272, y dont u show us something unique? I dont see u submitting any "UNIQUE" right? Please leave CONSTRUCTIVE comments man.


Good original take on this competition. Congrats. (But I do agree you should do something else with that note.)


that tank needs a serious sound system, treads idea is great


It's a good design, but it seems a little too reminiscent of "MP3".
I think the perspective might be a little off in one of the tread tracks.

and jamesa:
the reason there are so many music designs is cause that's the theme of a loves theadless competition.

and Mr. Kickers:
it is silly to say that somebody can't criticize until they do something better - very, very silly. If that were the case, half the books written about literature would not exist and there would be much fewer reviews of just about everything.

bonafide . rarity

Oooo, I love this one! The design seems to work better on the blue though. I think the brown makes the tread stand out too much, but with the blue.. it adds just enough pop to make it work. AWESOME job.

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