Bring Back Cassettes

I miss cassettes already

Watch this

argh URB so killed this for me... there were so many cassettes popping out of boob boxes that I don't think I can handle it anymore. It's an ok shirt, but really not all that unique from the ones I've seen.


um er boom boxes* oopsie... hehe


i hate cassettes! but i like the graphic. *4


I would have agreed with you a couple of hours ago. But I now hate cassettes. And I hate URB, whoever they are.

Nice design though.


i'd buy it if you took off the cassette and the text


I agree with cdbabee123, the design is awesome, but I don't like cassettes. At all. Otherwise, I could see myself buying this. 4.


URB is killing threadless in a way... garrr.

I love cassettes.... but im not really feeling this design. I support randomocity and all...

but im not catching this one's drift...


The red and the yellow don't go with some of your other color choices You might want to have the red and yellow change colors according to the tee shirt color, ones that go well with it.
Then I'd really like it
Looks best on grey.


cassette is spelled wrong on the shirt...

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

i prefer vinyls over cassettes.


Why do people miss cassettes? Why not miss old-style vacuum cleaners or horses and buggies?


where the fuck have you been? cause i've been in my basement and cassettes never weant away. mix tape city down there. my favorite is one called "fuck art, let's DANCE!!"

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