Baby Boomer

First design, its pretty simple, i wonder if i should add text or leave it on its own, also, if there is any other preferred place ment, please tell me.

Watch this

I like it, it's super-de-duper awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The eyes of the baby looks like they're frightened. Is the baby bumpin' some hardcore, dark, ambient type music? LoL.


the babies right hand looks a bit big for a baby...yeah and i agree with the scary eyes coment...I think would be better if whole thing was smaller too


I like the baby's eyes -- it makes it more convincing. I always looked scared when I was a baby, even if I was happy. That sounds weird.

But I can agree about the size and hand. Otherwise, I think this is a great design! I'd love to see it printed!


I have a picture of me at that age wearing headphones! Very Cute!


i like it, but i think it should be smaller


reminds me of sigur ros....


I so hate this design! On top of that, it's that almost half of the shirts featured in the submissions are about the same motives.

It's always either headphones, cassettes, vinyl, iPods or cassettes.

I just counted the submissions page 1 + 2 and got a total of 41 out of 96 submissions, that either featured at least one or even all of the above mentioned motives.

I mean: Come on, people. We need NEW, not recycled ideas...


babies scare me.....and that one is alien scary. i need a zanax

Deus Maximus

I like this, for some reason :) You have a smooth touch for your illustration, and your style is adorable.


It's pretty cute -- great face -- though I might just like it because I have this Paul de Gruccio poster on my wall with a similar baby that says "Pump up the volume" under it.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I dunno, but there's something in the baby's face that's freaking me out. It's just odd.


i don't know why but this creeps me out...cheers!


can it have hair please? thats whats creepy about it, it doesnt have any hair.


i love it besides the fact he has no hair! blegh. my sister just had her baby, so it appeals to me.


I think you should have put the words baby boomer on there somewhere. Without that caption, it's a good conversation starter, but it doesn't really make any sense.

Flagil Reinhumps

I think the blue one is really cool. There is something about the white eyes that is really unsettling.


This is like the fourth baby submission I've seen. What's going on?


The rendering is almost there. The expression is good but I'm a little unnerved by the lack of eyebrows. When it comes to high contrast images, there's a fine line between too many dark areas and not enough. Right now, the baby looks like one of those aliens from Cocoon...


I disagree about the hands and the eyes. Sure, the baby's eyes would look creepy on a five-year-old, but that's how babies look! As for the wrist-comment--I disagree with that too. If there were any less wrist, the fingers would be attached to the forearm. True, the subject is trite, but sometimes (as in this case) a fresh rendering can revive it successfully.

The white-on-navy is a little unsettling, though.


thanks everyone for your comments


Boring. Not graphically interesting in my opinion.

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