The Death of a Little Girl

the text is awful, just get rid of it, please. not only does this shirt work better w/o the text, but, God, that specific font is like ataking a saw to your eye. also, i'd recommend changing the shirt from black to like an off-white. it's too hot-topic-y already without the black. and get rid of the shine on the balloon. sorry, and thanks.

Watch this

no text...its good without it

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Your profile says:"...but the main reson of my shirts is to make me happy ...and you too"

This shirt does not make me happy. It makes me very very sad.


lose the text and resubmit, and you'll get a better response


Ok there is a story to this shrit and it means alot to me and well i though it would mean alot to one of my friends. So i work at a library and well my friend came in and was looking for a book about death in a way to tell a little girl that she was dieing. I asked why and he said that one of hes family members was dieing and she was only 12 years old. well she has cancer and well that is what the arrows mean as in you know she is going to die but she still has time to enjoy her last few you know ... so what the girl and the balloon stand for is life .. as she enjoys the last of it was not easy to come up with a shirt but it will make him happy that I at least tryed..
And yes all i want is happyness for every one but some times it hard to say it in words ...and no we did not find one book ..


I like the design, the shirt is a art, it's all subjective--.


It's a wonderful dedign, but I'm not to sure about the words.


I like it except for the shine on the balloon.


no text, the design is excellent


the illustration has an unfinished feeling, and the shirt-concept and what inspired it is way too personal to be printed on a shirt... I think that would exploit the little girl's plight. Bad= Text, colors, art... sorry, I'm just trying to be constructive.


the words have to go.. part of the charm of these threadless shirts are that the most successful designs have no words at all. but the rest of your design is pretty good. you could tweak the arrows a bit, but overall it's pretty good. i like the placement as well.


lose the text and move the girl over to where the text was. awesome otherwise.


no text, and make the arrows smaller and brown, the red and white stand out too much, but you dont want them to not stand out at all tho


that is one fucked up way to make a little girl feel positive about the fact that she is dying of a horrible disease. You are sick. The shirt is kind of cool, but lose the text.


I'd buy it. But it would be better with no text. Leave it on Black,it looks great.

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Very good, but I wouldn't buy it with the text.


Haha I like the text most.

tiger obrien

its creepy as, and the text is awful. really would feel like a freak wearing this.


i think its hilarious, but it doesn't work as a shirt.


At first glance I liked it. But the more I look at it the less I do. It's downright scary.


Totally love it without the text!!


Sack the text and maybe make it so the lowermost arrow isn't going to hit her in the face. It's one thing to have a metaphorical ride on a baloon cut short due to arrows popping your baloon, another thing completely to have a metaphorical baloon cut short due to an arrow in the eye.


i understand your reason for making the shirt, but if that's what you're trying to convey, I think you didn't really make it very well.


i'm sure it means a lot to you and a great idea... but on the computer, it just looks poorly done.. and the arrows aren't going to one central point, which would improve your point if they were.. horrible font, for anything. ever.

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