• by bd1woody
  • posted Oct 07, 2005

rock on sir 5

Watch this

Take away the text on the left of the shirt and I would buy it.


its a very nice design, but what does that one word mean/ say? i dont get it. and why is your name on the shirt? thats not really a thing that people want to wear on them... its like advertising. anyways, other than those thigns, i think its very pretty!


this is cool. i like it, even with the text. the dark brown is best


I greatly enjoy the colours. I wouldn't buy this with the type on there like that. It feels like I'd be trying to sell something.


this shirt is completely out of control!! i think the brown is awesome. fuck assholes who just say "lose the text" no matter what. i think the type style you used works great with the shirt and its way better than some gay slogan or catch phrase. i hope this gets printed, but if not, keep trying. 5


your name would be on the tag. take it off the design. other than that, it's cool.


You get a 4 and not a $5 because your name is on the shirt. Isn't it enough that you get tons of money and your name on the tag if it gets printed? :/


Anyone can use brushes. Zero.


I love your typography, colors, and design. I'm even ok with the your name on it -- it's not prominent.


i LOVE shirts with fake paint splashes...must buy!


In regards to the brushes comment... does it really matter how someone has acheived their art, as long as the final product looks great? The same to all of you copy and paste/ repetition in design nazi's.... if a design looks good, then end of story. As long as the designer isn't stealing someone else's ideas or using clipart, then I score based on their design. And I this one is good!


i like the dotted lines, but not the splatters or loopy brushes. It's too many different and overused things.


pretty unoriginal

plus it says laurentza on it,

2, sorry


shirt ROCks, feeling the design, but would like to see it on a different color shirt.


i think this is really cool but it looks like it has a brand name or something wher the text is


very cool 5


too emo and stuff. it feels like i've seen this one hundreds of times before. and seriously, who cares about your name?


can anyonbe tell me what the hell UCADT is?


i want i want i want


i think the placing is off

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