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  • by 1988
  • posted Sep 29, 2005

are you serious...bee16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Watch this

i like it...except the maroon objects should be green as well...or maybe just the pin from the lower grenade..


My question
is this completly drawn from scratch or is the background monster taking from an existing design?
If you drew this, this is a sick design!
if you didn't the person who drew this did a great job

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

ancient god of war with a modern weapon. perfect. 5+$


Cool design... I would like it on a different color shirt.


i agree, if u drew it from scratch, good job.


The grenade looks a little out of proportion - it took me a monent to work out what it was but i really really like it. Maybe make it grenade colour (deep green) and the dude a lighter shade. I think the pin should still be maroon though. $5


I'm saving my score until you answer LOS's question.


this style it from tibet art ...
the only one i can said....that my own design..
and i draw the charator by my self....
thank you..


This is not a monster like what Robsoul (thanks for your understanding) have mentioned, it was an ancient god of war. This ancient god is completely drawn from scratch by me and usually I like to design something like this (ancient god and monster). If you would like to see some design of monster from me feel free to request it.
Anyway thanks for saying that design is a sick design because this mean it is special.


Its cool even though Green Day totally raped the idea of a grenade. (poor Rise Against.)

I really like the concept. And its just well executed.


Oh and dont put it on white! Put it on a color like you have for the background of the larger version of your design.


consider a darker shirt, perhaps?

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good god this has to be printed (centered for moi)


Now I am not trying to be ignorant , but I see you are from malaysia I was curious if you actually type in your language and then it translates it into english here?
I was just curious.
I should have checked your other submissions before I questioned if you did it. There was a lot of work put into this for a t-shirt contest that is really tough to get a high average on here.
I like this design.
The grenade color seems to much in contrast with the other colors.
I like your panda/ewok submission you had earlier


Dude, this design rocks, however I would say that it has the potential to rock much harder on another shirt color.


heh. its makes me giggle


i really like the main design, but the other clouds are not stylized quite the same way (or as prettily) as the one he's standing on. i think it would stand on it's own well, or with surrounding clouds that better matched the big one. great design and gotta say i'm impressed by your earlier designs too.

Uncle Fester

good job.

pin doesn't quite work for me. design carries it anyway.


Acid Bot

I really like this. I think it would be better, as bitterbat said, if you removed the 3 smaller clouds. 5


Like some others already mentioned, it would perhaps look better on a different color shirt? Light green / gray ?


awesome, great concept, keep it up!


you drew that? Christ thats awesome, get into the comics industry or something. i agree about the colour of the grenade- make it the same as the war god.


That's sooo cool! I'll buy that in a heart beat =)

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