Kamikaze Bomb

  • by Prichard
  • posted Sep 28, 2005

nice racist eyes

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This shirt cracks me up and I don't know why...


yeah, i like this. my only concern is that it looks like something from the rolling stones. is this supposed to be some kind of rolling stones shirt?? lol just kidding los mattocks

margaret thatcher

Prichard, it's a freakin t-shirt, get off your high horse. As far as the tshirt goes, I like.


i agree with richard, and the arguement its just a t-shirt, is well, retarded at best. wearing something thats offensive is an affront, that every person who may be offended by it will be stuck seeing.

its a damn shame to, because its a freekin great design. like really really well done, almost everything about it.

unfortionatly the face looks like the anti-jap propaganda they used to put out in the 50s.

and before anybody gets on my case about being a PC liberal, it aint like that, the simple case is its inconsiderate to think that its okay to put racist steriotypes out and think nobody is going to be offended.

if the goal of the tshirt was to step on toes, its missing any irony to it so it doesnt work in that respect.

rework the face and its a 5 and buy, as it is now i just cant vote that way.

(seriosly bucktooth and cliché slant eye how can you get more steriotypical.)

Derry Farm

Prichard, if it didn't have slant eyes and wouldn't really fit with the
rising run bandana and thus not making any sense . Since the name is
Kamikazei Bomb . Call me crazy.
I love this shirt although it's hard to see on a black background. That
and PC Monitors suck and show the thing being very dark.
Oh ya loose the text!



not intended for any racist propaganda.
I sketched a bomb that had squinting eyes.
like when you know something bads going to happen
that sort of led into the buck teeth.
after seeing this I thought it would be funny if he was like one of the kamikazeie pilots...but he was a bomb.
I just drew it.
it was a sketch that I thought would look good on a shirt.


I forgot to put the text pro-life on it.


I haven't seen anybody make a comment on any of the pimp designs on here.
Is that racist?

margaret thatcher

Just to let you know, I am far from a racist. There's just such an aguement about everything these days. In some way, shape or form something will offend someone somewhere. I mean, where does it end? LosMattocks comment about the pimp designs illustrates this. Also, I highly doubt the artist intended to offend anyone.


i don't look at it as recest. i look at it as a cartoon bomb on a t-shirt. and i do get the whole squinting your eyes like something bad is gonna happen. like when i was at derry's house and his mom was going to sit on the couch. i squinted my eyes and put my fingers in my ears cause i knew there was going to be a big bang and a big mess. just kidding derry farm. you know i love your mom. still it rememds me of the rolling stones.

tiger obrien

i like it. the squinting eyes look more like its scared. but i can see how it looks racist too. eyes of the beholder? or am i using the wrong metaphor? pluck it, i still like the design.


Well, damnit, I'm offended by bad grammar and poor spelling.

Great shirt. Very funny and not offensive to my Asian Jewish family. Good job once again LOS.


Crap, I just realized those weren't complete sentences.


theres another asian jewish family out there?

i usualy feel lonely.

and i dont think LOS is racist, or was makeing a racist statement with this shirt, i think its inconsiderate.

and the design could be just as good, if not better, by being more considerate.

i think its an awesome design, but the buck teeth and squinty eyes are a very traditional slur on asians. And just because your not offended Ellamega doesnt mean its not offensive.

i understand the squinting arguement, but those arnt just squinting eyes, those are slanted eyes, so i think your stretching.

examples are here: http://home.comcast.net/~bkrawczuk/xxxpics/seuss2.jpg


the paralels are obvios.


moooving on.

Derry Farm

Shit Thanks Bluehalios! I love those old war pictures. Do you collect
them? I think I will print these out and transfer them to my own shirts.
I love them. Maybe because I am not Asian but maybe because I doubt I
will ever get my ass kicked by a gang of angry Flying Asian people on the street. They are funny cartoons and thats it. Bottom line...


I don't think there was any intention in doing so but the shirt is blatantly offensive.

If it were blackface would people still be debating?

Derry Farm

No we wouldn't because the NAACP would get involved and boycott
Threadless until it was removed. Then anytime something BlAck or even Panther related for that matter would be racist. Oh and the Bomb is BLACK FACED. It's just a funny cartoon why does everything have to racist.


wow, derry your clearly a very privlaged kid who has never thought things through in a way that takes into consideration things outside your own limited experiance.

grow up.

im not being whiney, im giving critiscm that is fare. i have never called LOS racist, i am a big fan of his art.

but if you dont think about what your doing, its called being inconsiderate. if your fine with being inconsiderate, then your whats called an asshole.

and before you say it, no im not going to shut up about it, because it needs to be said.


It's an excellent design, you'd get a 5 with just the bandanna, but the face is shade on the deliberately-offensive side. 3.


not only is this racist, but it's a stupid design as well


Try being a little more constructive than, "stupid and racist", jerk.

 It's too bad.  I love the design, and though I didn't consider it racist when I first glanced at it, you guys have some valid points.  Agreed, I don't think LOS meant it that way (and P.S. I love pretty much all your submissions, LOS) but I can see where people other than this little white girl (me) could get offended.<br />
 But please people, get off his case.  Yes, it definately has the potential of offending quite a few people, but stop calling him racist because I don't think it was his intention.<br />
d3d profile pic Alumni

awesome art, but it's a bit big. i don't see it as racist, just stereotyped. it's unfortunate that people could be offended by a cute drawing.
the eyes help give it the kamikaze character so i think they're necessary. if only there was a way to represent an american with a couple of simple lines i'd do it all the time and i doubt anyone would take offence because without years of stereotypical precedent you wouldn't even recognise it.


I don't think the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are funny. That's what this shirt is saying to me.

Lose the slanted eyes, the buck teeth, the rising sun headband, and the ponytail-like fuse and maybe you have something to work with.


I would agree that its's a bit big
it should be slightly smaller


I am glad that the majority of the people see that I wasn't trying to be rascist.
This design doesn't say to me Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
It has told me other things...
My therapist said not to talk about that.
I realize now that some people unfortunatly are going to interpert this in a negative way.
I would now appreciate it if the comments where now not focused on my designs intention/secret hidden meanings and suggest what they might change on it or add to it to make it better or different.
I am very honored that there are people who are into my designs/style/whatever


LOSMATTOCKS- i have had your username stuck in my head all day.

losmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattockslosmattocks etc

just thought i would share.


yeah- and fabulous style- i dig it.


Racial stereotype = big no no. Sorry mate.


I would now appreciate it if the comments where now not focused on my designs intention/secret hidden meanings and suggest what they might change on it or add to it to make it better or different.

now, i know its going to be hard to hear me, as i was on the big push to the show my point. but

your design i think is great in that it feels like its on the edge about to blow, and trying to hold it in. a combination of resistence, and self destruction. theres a lot of tention in the bandana, and the use of bright colors against the earth tones really sets it off, makeing the design amazingly strong the frown is great, i think it would be a little better if it was also a grimice, but as it is the curve of the frown works well with the roundness of the bomb shape.

honestly i love the piece, and i really dont think you had bad intentions.


stereotypes are funny. we are all just extensions of stereotypes. learn to laugh at yourselves.
when eddie murphy imitates white people it's hilarious and you don't see a bunch of caucasian protest rallies. lighten up. go watch revenge of the nerds and enjoy a good stereotype.
bratty girl- did you mean pearl harbor?



It's not offensive, it's merely a artist conveying his art. If you find it offensive simply don't look at it. Great shirt and design by the way.


Nice artwork but it's little bit too big 4$


i absolutely love it--$5


Nice design, I agree w/bluehalios that perhaps a grimace would help, you know come to think of it, a big purple, shake drinking blob would help a lot of designs here.....seriously, though the art is great, but perhaps clenched teeth would convey the feeling of "impending doom" better than a frown w/buck teeth. It may also lighten the heavyness of the stereotype. The cue that also doubles as the bomb's fuse is a nice reinforcement of the Asian theme, but I associate that style cue (long braided ponytail) more with Chinese culture than Japanese, nitpicking I know, but just wanted to mention. Regardless, the design is not offensive to me, that's all I can say. I'm not going to presume that what I feel is the way everyone should feel. 5


To be honest the thought that the fuse looked like a pony tail never crossed my mind untill someone mentioned taking the "ponytail" wick off. I had to think for a minute and then I got it.
Its like art school when you do something and put it up for review and OTHER people tell YOU want you ment or what you where trying to say, when all you where doing was creating a picture.
You know I just got the grimace comment. I am slow today.


If I changed the design I would take the buck teeth off and add a different mouth. everything else I would leave the same.


Great design, I love it.

Personally, I'd change the mouth. He looks too sad to be a kamikazi pilot, when they all willingly volunteered to do so.

I don't really see how it would offend people, unless somebody lost a loved one because they were a kamikazi pilot, but as I said, they all willingly volunteered and were honored to become one. And it's not like it's telling asian people to go commit suicide. I love the Japanese culture, and I would wear this shirt unaffraid that it would offend a Japanese person.


Hey bluehalios, calling things "retarded" is also pretty damn inconsiderate. Think about things like that before you go calling other people out for being offensive.


you go around wearing that anywhere besides your hickish hometown, and you get your ass kicked. by me.


not something i would wear, but its a great design, and im sure other people will like it, so $5. maybe if it was centered?i dont know.


Nice design, wish the bomb looked more scared and less stereotypically offensive.


I like it. The coloring is fantastic.


do something japanese thats what I like about this shirt


Even if the artist didn't realize it, the picture is still straight up racist. Claiming ignorance is not justification for racism.


If I wanted a design to be racist I could have conveyed the message a lot better then this!
I am not claiming ignorance to justify an unracist design.
This argument would be better spent on somebody who actually was conveying the message.
The only things I would change on this design is the teeth and the size.


listen, even if you say you didn't mean for the design to be racist, you have to realize that it's going to be perceived as being racist by a lot of people. this is the same type of stereotpyical caricature that was used in the US during WWII to put all japanese and asians into the category of the "enemy."

these cartoons were used to encourage and justify racism, distrust, incarceration in concentration camps, and attacks on asians, even though those asians were american citizens or members of american society.

to try to put this on a shirt and claim that it's not racist is just really damn inconsiderate. there are asian americans still alive from the WWII era, and the shit that they went though because of racist crap like these propoganda cartoons was horrible. not to mention this type of racism and stereotyping of entire ethnic groups is still alive today, and people go through very real and tangible shit because of it.

you don't need to be adding to an atmosphere that makes racial ignorance acceptable and encouraged.


What a brilliant design. True art gets people to think and to question. This simple cartoon has taken on a life of its own. Regardless of the original innocence of the art proclaimed by the artist (which I belive), it has grown beyond that. That's the wonderful and scary thing about art. Whatever the artist's original intent, it comes down to the fact that the artist doesn't own the piece. The art is owned by each individual who views it, and we all choose to see what we want to see, based on our own personal experiences. In the end, it's just a cartoon. If you want to see something more sinister in it, you will (and it's your perogative), if you choose to see it more innocently you will view it as such as well. The fact is this has sparked people to think much more than a simple cute design that makes you go awww. It created debate and thought about a serious social subject, made us examine the lines between stereotypes, caricatures, race, and what is offensive/inoffensive. We all choose what offends us. However, if you have ever made an off color remark, laughed at a joke about Polacks, found Handyman on In Living Color funny, or found a caricature of somone who is representing a larger group (be it based on race, occupation, sex, sexual pref, etc.) to be amusing then you might want to think twice before you cast that first stone, for you don't know what the spotlight may bring out in your own closet and what someone will choose to be offended by. Brilliant dude!


oh i like japan, i wouldn't wear this. but you surely have ideas lol

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