Give this birdy some loving (or hatin)

So I thought this shirt would do a little better then its doing.

Was wondering if I could get a little more feedback on what you guys thing I should have done different.

Any tips would be appreciated

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mad cat

me, too, stickymike!
I can't believe this isn't doing better. Most of the submissions are so crappy right now.
I want to own this shirt!
Good luck!

stickymike profile pic Alumni

thanks madcat, I agree though, theres quite a bit of garbage this last week (with the exception of a few really badass subs)


At least yours is better thank mine right now

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Dude, you got shimala commenting.. how much better does it get?


this one rocks... I look forward to it getting printed... I will fully buy one.

(as previously noted if Shimala ... gives it the thumbs up your in pretty good shape probabley)..

anyway great work

Bramish profile pic Alumni

35 comments and no real negative ones. Seems like it's doing ok to me.

mad cat

Maybe even if it doesn't score too high, it will get printed.
Or it will be a 12 month club shirt.
I might have to join up.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

you think so?

that would be sweet ass

Im working on my next shirt right now, I will probably post it in a blog later tonight if i actually finish it to get some C&C (its for the conest)

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Hey Mike, I already put a comment back in the beginning on the voting page, but I wanted to again show my support for this shirt. I love the expressionless state of the bird. Kinda like this is a daily thing, kinda like a wheelchair for a bird. Maybe he lost his ability to fly so had to get a standard jet pack. My only suggestion is the same as before, I would like it to be up over the right shoulder area, kinda like he's flying off the shirt. I think that would be cool. Congrats though, I know scoring and voting is currently a highly debated subject.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

Rockslide, thats exactly what i was going for! Im glad you got that. alot of people didnt get it, but still thought it was a cool shirt

I agree with the placement, maybe I will repost if this one doesnt do as well, and see how a different placement goes

thanks for the input once again


If this beast gets printed it's an automatic buy. Its facial expression and funky legs make it even better.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

just thought I would bump this one more time since its the final day

thanks everyone for your comments, I really appreciate it


Your shirts are bland and boring. Do not contact our company again.


i'll say it, i'll say it....what a bitch.


oh......darn it!


well if that's how you wanna play then......

i don't really no what to say here


hahahaha, that was just right!

stickymike profile pic Alumni


I know exactly what this is....

I got an IM from some random person....

its boring and long, and I was about to start fuckin with "her" but then she blocked me


Jkelechi: hi this is Jaqueline from Threadless
LazyMitchell: hi
Jkelechi: how are u
LazyMitchell: i dont recognize the name, but Im kind of new
LazyMitchell: good u?
Jkelechi: great
Jkelechi: where are you located
LazyMitchell: chicago
Jkelechi: do you have a site
LazyMitchell: nah not right now
LazyMitchell: I dont feel that my work is good enough, and I dont have enough of an established style to start a site
LazyMitchell: though I used to have one
Jkelechi: did you go to art school
LazyMitchell: i do
LazyMitchell: have you designed any shirts or anything for threadless?
Jkelechi: I just joined and I submitted a design to them tonight
Jkelechi: I have a distribution company here in LA
LazyMitchell: for the contest, or for the main comp?
LazyMitchell: oh yeh?
Jkelechi: Just in general nothing that has to do with that site
Jkelechi: We caryy hip hop and music shirts
Jkelechi: carry
LazyMitchell: oh cool
LazyMitchell: do you have a link to it?
Jkelechi: We have a licensing agreement with Moog and we need artists for the shirts.
Jkelechi: the site is underconstruction
Jkelechi: the address is
Jkelechi: Basically if Moog likes your shirt they will buy the design
Jkelechi: everything is per project basis
Jkelechi: I have 4 other artist - one in NY that makes shirts from me
LazyMitchell: yeh, sounds cool, but how am I to know if this is a scam or not?
Jkelechi: well that is the problem with out of state inquiries
LazyMitchell: well technically my permanent residence is california
Jkelechi: basically if anyone makes moog shirts without there permission they get sued
Jkelechi: so I cant make anything with their logo w/o their permission
Jkelechi: are you going to be in LA
Jkelechi: anytime soon?
LazyMitchell: next month actually
Jkelechi: if you take a look at their moog shirts they suck
LazyMitchell: yeh tey suck
Jkelechi: well if you can submit something to me I will screenprint it for you and me and for moogs prototype. I will send it to you in the mail and I will take the shirt to moog and see if they like it..
Jkelechi: if they do than you get paid
Jkelechi: but firstI need to see some of your prior work
LazyMitchell: sounds good and all, but Im not really interested
Jkelechi: ok thats your thing. the shirts are being sold in Fred Segal once the collection is finished. The shirts sell retail for 70.00
LazyMitchell: well the thing is....
LazyMitchell: I dont want to spend my time on something that i MIGHT get paid for
LazyMitchell: on top of that, I dont want to spend time on something, that has the potential of me getting ripped off
Jkelechi: you can meet me and my team in LA
Jkelechi: you should never say those things to a possible employer
Jkelechi: I have an LLC and tax documents, i operate on a professional basis
LazyMitchell: ha I understand that
LazyMitchell: but youre not offering to pay me for work
Previous message was not received by Jkelechi because of error: User Jkelechi is not available.


hahaha, that's funny "Jkelechi: you should never say those things to a possible employer"

she just blew up at elburrito in the Holy thread. because someone else mentioned how they had been propositioned outside of threadless in what ended up being a scam. all elburrito said was " that's scary".

What made me laugh out loud was her telling you what you should say and shouldnt to potential employer, and here she's telling a 15 year old that he's scary and his art sucks. she's either really young or just retarded, i imagine there is a case for both.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

so why is it that people assume they can scam artists, seems to happen quite a bit.

stickymike profile pic Alumni


this persons obviously retarded

looks like she decided to unblock me, then say her part then block me again

Jkelechi: Maybe ill contact Threadless tomorrow regarding your behavior. i didnt hold a knife to your neck and tell u to do anything. i simply told you about an opportunity. if your not with it - its understandable because you cant meet me in person from Chicago. But you kept going on and on about b.s. when it wasnt necessary and IM me from some other address...whats that all about
LazyMitchell: haha stfu


if i were moog i'd be pissed....

who knows what logic or lack thereof is involved when it comes to garbage like that, it sucks because it sometimes makes it difficult to discern from a good opportunity and something that is not.

got me...


now, that's scary

oooh your behavior...what a bunch of nonsense

stickymike profile pic Alumni

Im hoping the good fellas at threadless will ban this idiot

trying to scam artists, then insulting them when they get turned down


none of what she's even proposing makes sense, i think it's pretty obvious that's a no good situation.

although i can hear it now, "your a no good situation!"




Um, didn't dr. Moog like die or something earlier this year?

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

i gave it a 5$ what more do you want of me

mezo profile pic Alumni

Who the flip would but an effing T-HIRT for $70?!

staffell profile pic Alumni



Gangsta wannabes?


gerpander: Yes, he did die. The company lives on though.

(and snapdragon54 is scary insane)


Uh, is this prick really working for the same Moog? Can't be? She's just pretending to have an internet life.


I seriously doubt it. Moog is a pretty cool company as far I've seen. I think they'd be smart enough not to hire total whackjobs.

I'd say it's the elaborate fantasy of someone very unhinged.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

shes trying to get people to design shirts for moog so that she can try to sell the design to moog, and if they buy it...she will pay you...

you could pass up that deal.....................

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

Bet she hasn't sold a single thing to 'em.
I want a moog tracksuit, btw. And a vintage synth.

staffell profile pic Alumni

she said that she was married to one of the "original founders of the graffiti movement" in another blog

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

ha ha!

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

what a whackjob.


maybe in her mind, someone who can pee his name in the snow is a grafitti artist?
: O

staffell profile pic Alumni

snapdragon54, at 8:12am on Nov 29, 2005
I not a "he" . and so what if I am interested in getting points and reppng grafitti. I am married to one of the originators of the grafitti movement. How can somone not be selling shirts but they have them listed on their site? I am not getting this whole process and its rules...


we need to get a snapdragon compilation going.

staffell profile pic Alumni

she probably should have married a grammar teacher instead


She's been married to Eminem?


uncle jesse

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