Plug Love

  • by marcoluna
  • posted Sep 26, 2005

This is my first submission!. In this design I trie to show the different ways to think about the same act, make love. In one case the male mental process, in the second the female mental process.

But finally we love. Plug-in!!.

I hope you liked :).

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I like it. I wish the script on the female compcat's head was more legible, though.


Oh, and I don't like the drips on the male's usb plug-in, or the shirt colour. :(
but a 5$ anyway, because they're easily fixable - if public opinion dictates.


I am not a fan of the colors either, or the drips... I also think the threadless reference is not necessary, i really hate wearing a brand name reference of any sort, even if it is small.


It'd be genius on white.

Minus the drips.

The threadless shirt is fine with me.

Can I buy this like .. right now?


One more thing;

I didn't notice this earlier, but it kinda killed the shirt for me.


My computer doesn't have ears or a tail.

But that bow is hot.

... I'd still buy it :x

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

great design, very nice

but the shirt color is too bland, either on baby blue, yellow or even slate (color of the crt monitors)


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

slate would not be bland btw, it would make the pink heart pop


I really like it :) great job !


thanks for the comments!, I think the shirt color is the most easy to change in case of printing and the drips, well thanks!..

Marco Luna..


I agree with above. I would buy this shirt in a heartbeat if you could read what the girl's monitorhead was saying a little better and if you removed the ears, tail, and drips. I different shirt color would be nice, but I don't hate the color it's on now. $4, great design. I don't really like having threadless on there, but I'd buy the shirt either way. I look forward to more submissions from you.


love the text- what i can read at least. i like the animalness of the computers, but the only thing bugging me is the number 23 cause it seems pinched off jamie hewlett (jesus, that was a new low in pedantry)


Sorry I have an almighty head-ache at the mo' an I can barley read and write so I'll just say this......... cha-ching! $5

and that masturbating isn't always good for you!


i would dig this on a white shirt/ sans the animal parts. i like the drips, it makes it seem awefully sexual, which isnt that kind of what its about?

nice work.

fastjumper profile pic Alumni

nice job(only 1 thing is missed: colors palette.just my opinion)


my only problem is that the female's text is hard to read. i like the drips and the kitty parts are a nice touch :3 the shirt color looks fine, too; green and pink always go well together and it' one of my favorite combinations.

the shirt is adorable and i need to have it <3 a definite $5

Onward to Utopia

this is your first submission? dude, this is awesome. you got skills foo. very nice. id wear something like this. although it would just give my female friends more ammunition.


I think this shirt has turned me into a homo! ahhhhhhhhh


cute- so true

Ava Adore

very nice work!


bravo Marco!!


nice vector graphic love it


I say take out the drips, animal parts, and put it on a different colored shirt... and then it's a $5 for me.


damn! thanks for the comments! yeah I add the drips tryin to do the sexual look.. I'm very happy for your suggestions!!..

thanks a lot!!..



The design work is good
the colors aren't doing it for me.
I have no suggestions for colors


I love this shirt...


Esta muy chida tu playera!!


lose the threadless jersey.


Whats Chida mean?
Your shirt is very chida?


Your syntax is inconsistent (you have "Hide" on one terminal and "Hidden" on the other, plus you dropped one of the semi-colons). Also, the number 23 is overused - both terminals wouldn't necessarily be loaded to the same point (filesize isn't likely to be the same), and on the shirt as well? A little too illuminati.

Personally I'm not comfortable with the message going on here, but from these comments it's clear that I'm in a tiny minority on that one. The illustration style is well done, plus it's nice and consistent.


I think this is awesome.
Adorable =]
But I don't like the ears, Keep the bow on the female but take away the ears, and take the drips from the male usb!
Then I'd buy it.


.......I like the message -- and I think the symmetry looks nice. To me, anyway. The symmetrical asymmetry. Yeah.

Ummm... what everyone else says, I guess. I can't remember if my computer is an animal or not.


I dont care for the animal stuff either,
The drips can stay though! I like them, as some one said above it makes it seem sexual, which is what this shirt is about.


Love the disign I don't like the threadless though $4 buy if threadless goes and on a different colour

Deus Maximus

I like the design, but I've been just thinking that for how many pages have you linked this? O_o Gosh, or maybe you just got fans or something.

Good job.


Hi, thanks (again) for your comments!!.. the fact of the files are it's to be a difference between male and female thinking just the mac and pc aplication files..

I think the threadless can't stay je.. and well, I not speak english very well, but don't link websites to the submission, I trie to link the submission to my girlfriend website ( but the ftp connection is offline :(..



I totally loveee it! I buy and wear this thing in a second!


great design and the files idea it's adorable $5


lose the text, the drips, and the stripes. then it's a 4.


I agree, you don't need the text "Plug Love", and the stripes are too thick, and the drip doesn't fit too well, but their not too big a deal. 4


your shirt - shirt color - 'plug love' = godlyness.
message of shirt = so true.


loose the text and make it all black and white...then it would be amaaazing!


There is way too much going on for a tshirt design. I mean it's one thing to have a lot of artwork and it's another thing to have this. Complicated isn't always bad but this really needs to be dumbed down a little bit.


i would totally have this on my wall, but i wouldn't wear it.


I have seen many types or arwork from this artist, and I believe that he is capable to design, WONDERFUL JOB MACO!!
I need at least 5 t-shirts, love it!!


this shirt is the /best/ shirt i've seen yet!! EXCELLENT JOB!

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