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  • by dymod
  • posted Sep 25, 2005

Inspired by the gas stations of America. (It's not enough that I have to pay $3 for a gallon of gas, is it?)

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why does it say "deposit 1 quarters" Shouldn't it be "1 quarter"? Eh, either's a decent idea, but this is too simplistic for me. 2.


I agree that the little price sticker could use some work- I think you could pretty much do without it all together, as "help yourself" usually means that the air is free. When it isn't, it's usually 2 quarters. ;-)

I like the idea and the placement and might even be able to be okay with the black shirt. Good luck!


It says "deposit 1 quarters" because that's what the sign at my local gas station actually says. I thought it was hysterical so I put it in.




Love the reference... and great placement. And definitely looks great on black!


i dont get it, isnt this site supposed to be about the art? i would get it if there were something to go along with it, but i think a submission should require a certain amount of illustration, not just a tilted font. that, and its not really interesting. well, at least you are consistent with your bland submissions.


If you think text can't be art, you obviously aren't the well educated art critic you're trying to portray yourself as, camp.

I for one love it, I'd definitely buy it myself, though not in black (though I do think it looks good on it)


I love the design, but I don't 'do' black.


if you think something that can be made in a matter of minutes should be able to stand against the calibur of some of the real artists on this website, then i think you may be the one mistaken. even if it were a witty or funny saying, this is not the right forum for that. zero for that and another zero for already being used on another website.


Hadn't seen that but if it's indeed already a shirt I will give you credit for finding it. Like I said, I was inspired by a sign I saw in the real world, but looks like someone has beaten me to it, although not as well executed I might add.


i know. they're making you pay to RIDE A BIKE now ...

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I don't think time invested into a design says anything at all about the design itself. A lot of the designs on threadless probably take some people hours to work out, but that doesn't make the end result a masterpiece.

It's not about artwork, if it were, some of these shirts would get printed, while others wouldn''s about concepts.

That being said, this concept doesn't make for a great t shirt.

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