Things that go bump in the night

i'd buy you a whole thing of girl scout cookies for making this design

Watch this

Hahaha...stupid ghosts when will they learn they can't drive...awesome design $5


It would be fun if the title was on the back of the shirt, since the joke works better with the text, but wouldn't want it to ruin the design. Still a 5 though.


Oh man. This makes me think of mario kart.

I know there were no ghosts in cars, but there were ghosts. And also cars.

I'll stop.

5 ^^


I love this one. It's got a retro feel to it. Striking and funny.


Having the detail on the convertible's wheel but not the others looks a bit odd. And the moon should be a bit angled. Otherwise, good!


ghaaaaa too damn funny


The look of the cars and the fact that they're crashing is a little too close to that Control Z shirt that already got printed.


it is nothing like the Ctrl+Z in concept -- only in that there are 2 cars crashed. cute and fun yeah!


I like how the ghosts chose not to drive ghost cars, opting instead for the crash-y kind.

-You know, because ghost cars would just pass through each other with no damage.


Love their faces, and the fact that you can see the car through the angry ghost as he leans out the window.


funny. 5$


i would like the grizzle to explain how this design copies ctrl+z?? cute design, sort of agree with hel34. 5$


I like the way how the cars are driving on the "wrong side of the road" even though the designer of the top is English. Keeps our American cousins happy doesn't it folks? Hee hee, nice one Franko!


maybe i'm reading into it a little too much, but my thought on this shirt is that the drivers died in the crash and now they're ghosts and the first ghost is upset even after death... i'm a dork, sorry. 5$

I Eat Whores

Hahaha loves it. I'd buy it even if it meant robbing old ladies to have enough money. (I may or may not be joking.)


Haha, cute.
It's funnier when I'm thinking of the title.
But the font may ruin the design, maybe not.

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