I Was Big In Japan

A famous Japanese monster takes a vacation to the States and does not have much fun at all.

Watch this

This is fabulous. Is the cute little mothra on the back, maybe? (grapeade for me, please)


omg i love it!!
esp. on yellow
5 + buybuybuy n__n

azrielen profile pic Alumni

5$ it's so cute and i love the colors. Why no little Mothra on the actual shirt? I like him!


azrielen: Mothra isn't on the shirt because I only added her to make the menu not-so-blank; after finishing, I realized that the shirt would be pretty cool with her on it, but I wanted to leave that up to you guys (I wanted to see how many people commented about it). On the off chance that it's chosen to print, I will take the number of people wanting her in the shirt design into consideration.

(yes, Mothra is a she.. I know this because I'm kind of a dork.)


I love it! Love Mothra and it'd be great if she made it in. (Either next to 'zilla or on the back.) 5 + buy!

If this doesn't get printed there is no justice in the world.


nice and funny! you should add the bird thing on the shirt too saying that 'root beer' shit, ha ha ha


I LOVE IT. a+ would vote again


Lovely as usual. I'd also call for the addition of Mothy. $5, make mine a root beer or a gingerale. I can't decide yet.


I love this indeed! I voted and would buy this, for sure! :D


Hahah, I figured I'd get that sooner or later. Actually, more influenced by Craig McCracken's Flash animation style used in his cartoon Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, a current obsession of mine.

Still, I would be lying to say that Matthew isn't a big influence on me! We've been friends for a long while, and it's very hard to keep a guy like that from rubbing off on you. Especially when he WINS stuff.


Mothra is too cute to not be on this shirt, exactly as is, hopefully on the back. "rootbeer"? That is so cute I am crying. I will be crying harder if this shirt isn't printed. Seriously, this shirt makes me want to hug my girlfriend.


You heard it right here folks, this shirt will improve your romantic relationships!


I think grapeade and gingerale have the
best color schemes that reflect little zilla's
mood, but the soda can stands out more in
each design than little zilla. Can you
switch the colors on zilla with the can
colors? or would that brighten zilla up
too much?

Mini mothra is great! Put her on the back,
please, with the bottle cap and coin, but
without the speech bubble and back-&-forth


that can also has two twist offs? wow. now that's serious soda security.... SSS as they say


Yes, yes, yes. Here's my vote for Mothra on the back. $5!


Dood, this t-shirt rocks my socks. And I'll vote for gingerale or grapeade and mothra somewhere on the shirt.


That is so cute <33 5!!


wow, that's fun... in a "sad monster" kind of way


i'd tap that.

Iwouldbejosh profile pic Alumni

I think it looks neat, but I don't get it. Without the title, I would think that it was just a little lizard. Especially since he doesn't look like Godzilla and isn't much larger than a soda can. ???


not josh: What's wrong with wearing a lizard sitting on a can? He's cute!

While I avoided making him look EXACTLY like Godzilla (to avoid all the OMGZ COPYRITE!!!!!!!!! remarks), it seems that the majority of the general public can still recognize him as some sort of similar Japanese creature (it's the spikes, really.)

Isn't a secondary purpose of the titles to give a little insight to what's going on in a picture someone may not get? It's no fun wearing things that smack you in the face with what they are ALL the time, ya know?Make people stare and wonder at your shirt! It seems that's what a good bit of what Threadless prints does.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I also love that the title is a tom waits song .. this is really cool


i would kill for this shirt, oh and please put mothra on!


You NEED to put Mothra on!!! <333 5+$


amazing amazing amazing amazing! i want this shirt soooo bad.


I voted you a 5!! :D xoxo Toxity

pseudonymjones profile pic Alumni

Looks great! And while I think Mothra is adorable I'm pretty sure that having her on the shirt wouldn't look quite right. Also, I think it would be cool to have the design a bit smaller on the shirt - sort of an ACTUAL SIZE representation. (Maybe make it off-center into the pocket area. Or don't listen to my advice at all. Whatever.)

Anyhow, five dollar sign.


Matt/Pseu: Yeah, I was thinking pocket area but I'm a bit not-centeredphobic. I'll play with it (and the sizing) and see how that looks.

If I did put Mothra on (the demand seems to be high), she would most likely go on the back with the bottlecap and penny. Though I'd love to have her on the front, I don't think it'd look quite right either. If that were the case I'd have to redraw her a bit perhaps.

I would be crazy to not listen to your advice, but I'm just wondering why you didn't tell me all this BEFORE I submitted. :P But, thank you!

my name is allison

really really really really like it.

i'm going to buy some root beer now..


awesome! voted you 5!


Put mothra on :)


keep mothra! 5.. way to go!!

Lara Croft

looks like he's constipated sittin' on the can. ha ha. Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is !


I'd SO wear it around at least once a week


Mothra on back. And I love it


Aww! Mothra needs to be on this shirt. Poor little 'zilla is so sad looking, I just want to give HIM a hug! A little one, so I don't squish him.


i love the idea of this so much. i need to buy it! NEEEEEEEEEDDDDD!


5$ and add the Mothra




5$ - please put the Mothra on the back =) Black top Purple Design for me!


I LOVE this. $5!!!

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