Caution Chalk Outline

  • by Judders
  • posted Sep 22, 2005

Caution Chalk Outline is my first attempt at a design... Be gentle!

Watch this

I actually like it.
I can't see anything wrong with it.
Great job!


usually the tape at a crime scene would say something like 'do not cross - police line'. Caution tape is usually just for a dangerous area, like a constuction site or a weak landing.

Other than that, nice :)


omg. i love this shirt. i'd totally buy it.
reminds me of a green day song "warning".
"caution police line you better not cross".
i'm sorry but i love this shirt.
they better print this!!!!!!!


I sure like it, I just think it will have difficulty passing because of the prior police tape shirt we had.
I am NOT saying it shouldn't pass, I'm just saying it may be difficult.
I however, gave it a 4. The chalk outlines on bodies usually are not so bulbous, and they would have larger areas aound the feet and hands.


I know you didn't copy. Sorry I just realized that after I posted this. I didn't know they used chalk (I'm very ignorant) and posted that because it looked like a picture in my forensic scientist/biology teacher's classroom. Now I know why :)


Thanx for the comments so far people.

Agree with the "Do not cross police line" thing, could be changed in the future.

Only remembered the previous police tape shirt after I submitted.

As for the site and picture cement_shoes, can honetly say never seen it before. Got the idea after seeing a crime show on TV.


Keith Hering would poop on you.

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