I'm with Stupid

It's a buddy comedy.

Watch this
tiger obrien

i like it, slap the cowbiy boot wearing scalping victim!

mad cat

very cute!!

I think it's funny b/c the zombie looks like a grandpa. I imagin this as a super twisted family photo.

Great colors as always!!! Good work!!


i know zombies...and thats no zombie....zombies wear shoes...duh...geez


i love how big it is!!!
i love it!
<3 $5


I think it's hilarious. And the size of it on the shirt is perfect. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a clever design...and it's just way too small! Well done!


hehe...good one...i like it...


Love it on the yella. would settle for any colour though cause this rocks!
where did such an old zombie pick up such new clothes? even the young zombies are usually seen shuffling around in bloodied rags.

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