• by Helvector
  • posted Sep 20, 2005

I know there are helvetica tshirts out therebut im not a metallica fan, they lost their way bigtime so will not give them props though wil do to a font that i just can not give up, two years ago i made a real concerted effort to alwaysfind another option whenever i went to grab old faithful helvetica. But alas recently shes made her way back into my work and i'm sick of fighting it, so here it is.

Watch this

The long-lost 11th commandment:
"Thou shalt not use Helvetica unless the design calls for it"

At least you're going to Heaven! Love it!


I thought you were saying Helvetica is the devil, and I liked it then.


I take the orange one :)


Hey Woeshipyourtoast,Well it is the devil cos its the font that always sits on your shoulder and whispers "no no no not cooper, no not Din, come with me, you know what I am capable of".


Only Cause its my favourite Font!! 5S & Im a Geek :)

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

You have to admit, the Healvetica Neue family is very flexible.

nice shirt


Helvetica is God!


oh yeah Neue is the one but its so easy to just fall back on it, very few are using it well at the moment, Build-Micheal c place would be the benchmark in my opinion


seen this before. I actually like another shirt better. It reads: Helvetica Neue is the new Helvetica. Much more clever.




do you think this would sell to a wide audience? cuz i don't. but maybe i'm wrong. but i doubt it.


i like gill sans, arial bold and futura


Do you think i give a fuck about wide audiences, please that is what i hate about the average tshirt


assholes get ones.


and plus... i mean i like staplers. make a shirt that says staple... or could i make one that says paint, i mean i like the color of these walls... obscure is a good thing but youre a jerk about it


Yeah look I shouldnt have sworn, out of line but to compare Helvetica to a stapler is, well no its not a good example, after all its probably one of the most important communication devices on the planet today.
Look around you, this bugger is everywhere, not to be a design snob but a designer knows what I am on about


And yeah I like Futura too


And go on give me a 1


This shirt reads like a "1337" or "10 kinds of people...(binary)" shirt, but for graphic designers. If this shirt would sell anywhere, it's here.

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