3 monkeys

  • by cambert
  • posted Sep 19, 2005

Great style and brilliantly drawn but I think I'm missing the pont. The 3 Unwise Monkeys? It's probably just me.

Watch this

parody on the "hear no evil, sse no evil, speak no evil" monkeys.
pretty good


I like this a lot, though it might be a bit gruesome for me to wear out in public. Keep up the work though; I like your illustratioin style a lot. Very cool. I look forward to seeing some more designs.

Short Horns

Is the middle monkey flipping the other one off?

And yeah, the 3rd monkey needs to be on a shirt by himself minus the sword/blood. That expression is awesome.


Great illustration, love the idea.
Wouldn't wear it out, but high marks for the art!!!


Illustration is VERY COOL. I could NEVER wear it to work. I love the first monkey sitting in a pool of his own piss. Nice touch but still can't buy it.


I think you did a wonderful job illustrating. Although the concept itself is a bit poor. Sorry, but I wouldn't wear it.

Ava Adore

awesome illustration

d3d profile pic Alumni

nice illustration but haven't we had enough suicide shirts? couldn't they be killing each other instead or something?


Nice illustration. Not too sure that I wold wear it in public though.


Does it seem to anybody else as if the first monkey has wet himself?


I count 5 colors. Not that I care - this is really good.


eew GAK ooooouch


the sepuku thing is awesome and this is a great freaking shirt and i would wear it every damn day. i sure as hell hope this thing gets made and if it doesnt and you get it made some other way i would love to buy one.


Damn! Fucking wicked! 5$, congratz man!


Holy angst!

Plan B

Great style...please keep submitting work.


Goooo monkeys! Third one should have his own t-shirt.


I love how the first monkey wet himself!


omg! that is so flippen good! omg thats crazy good!!! i love it i want to buy it!!!!!!!!!!
i obviously give it a ten and want to buy it.


i realize that its pretty much making fun of the whole monkey thing but its still increadibly overdone. honestly, i hate the concept. buuut since everyone else seems to like it ill give it a 4 so i can be printed for everyone to have and they can all have the sterotypical monkeys


nice work, get it printed


this beautifully overdone. i love how the first monkey is pissing himself. genius.


youve got great illustration skills but i think its a bit disturbing


Love the monkey's but it would be cooler if two of the monkey's were facing off in battle.


hmm, possibly think no evil, breath no evil and.... eat no evil? [yeah...have no idea what to put for the last one.] I like the artwork, concept I like as well, but like a few others, I wouldn't wear it in public, it's a bit too disturbing. 4 nonetheless.


brilliant :) 5/5 $


Great illustations, even though I don't really love the concept. Original, though.

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