Battle-Ready rodent

  • by .moto.
  • posted Sep 19, 2005
Watch this

yup. even the website this was taken from took it from somewhere else (as noted in the thread on the site) still funny though


So, this is a rip? can't score till i know ;[




A rip off! Oh that sucks! I really wanted that shirt!



Even if it wasn't a rip off, it's too sad!


also, guinea pigs aren't rodents


to minority91 :

Is this design yours or did you copy it
from someone else's drawing? The URL
that .moto. put up in his comment has
this message under the same image
of your design:

"Poster: Dr3w (see this users gallery)

not my original drawing but it made me
laugh so much i had to make a stencil of it.

it was from an illustration telling you how to
make our own hamster fighting game and play
with your mates.

will be a on a tshirt soon enough
3layer test spray
ยท Date: Wed July 13, 2005 "

Please tell us whether or not you are
the one who originally created the
image that makes up your design.


Love the shirt, but if its a rip, that sucks
and I dont like that it is white, maybe a light blue...


copy copy copy

Plan B

sucks...really wanted to love this shirt.


Cute...but copied. Also, it looks sad.


oh no . . . I really loved this, but I guess it would be wrong to score it highly if it's someone else's idea.


I've bookmarked that Stencil Revolution site. So some good has come out of this doubt.

gunfire smores

coulda made trillions of dollars. all would have bought this... tisk tisk


Ooh! A downsized screen steal from SR!

I bet this took a whole 3 minutes. Genius.

I'm an ass.


ahh u stole it :( i would have bought it :(


good rip, how the hell could pepole do that then put it on here not even saying where u got it from. Good job retard.

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

And for the icon, you just used the same picture from StencilRevolution.

PirateJim, I'm pretty sure it took him way less than 3 minutes.




Stealing is wrong, kids. -5


It gave me a good laugh...I'm either marking it a 5 with no buy or $0.
I think I'll go with the 5...but if there really is a t-shirt like this already out there, I must have it.


Good eyes, moto and emckinst. I need to update the Blacklist.

ThinkTank Anyone know where the hell the original komik is from??? i may have missed it, long blog... but i say find the original comic and make your own shirts :) or ask that guy to do it... he could probably use the $bucks$ and like everyone is saying, the shirt is so awesome/cute/hilarious.

eh, just a thought... don't steal!

(unless it's music)
(or fansub anime)
(or a free sample)
(or growing on trees)



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