• by dymod
  • posted Sep 17, 2005

So, I'm a chronic New York jaywalker. This idea came to me after one too many close calls.

Watch this

Hmmm, another road sign tee eh? Well its an idea. He looks a bit awkwardly positioned tho. The car is a good drawing, but there is something wrong with the person. cant really put my finger on it


It's the actual dude from the sign, without much alteration, literally flipped on his head. That's what I think makes it pretty funny.

By the way - the white background behind the shirt in the graphic is not how I had intended it.. it' s supposed to be all black. I'm trying to see if our friends at Threadless will let me resubmit the file to correct it.


I think you should have altererd the guy slightly. That would have been funnier


LOL!!!!! FUN!!! if i drove yet, i would SOOOOOO wear this!!!


Eh...nice design. A freshmen here got hit last week and died crossing the street just last week though.... :-(


Not really sure how this got past 100 votes, but there you go


took me a while to figure out what it was... cars hit me all the time


you know, there actually are steet signs just like that in Poland.. I swear! they were all over the place in the cities... a bit unsettling...


discussing this shirt:
me: would you wear this?
friend: yes, you wouldnt wear that shirt!?
me: 5 and id buy it.
this should count for 2 votes.


Get your friend to score it. :)


(a) way too trite
(b) people are still dying/being found dead from being hit by cars
(c) looks like it was traced off of a cheesy roadsign, oh wait, it was

my score: ZERO


oh, and good job on lining up your black box behind your "illustration".

Rent a Ghost

totally awesome
yellow and black rock
good tee


i'd give the guy a 180. seems more like the guy would go towards the car if he got hit, not away from it. either way 5$


Re: oh, and good job on lining up your black box behind your "illustration".

The movie had a black background, which apparently isn't permitted in Threadless. If you'd read the comments you'd see that it was unintentional.

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