Beaten Exctinct by 2H

  • by 2H
  • posted Sep 16, 2005

This is just a character I designed and paste up on street corners and may be seen from Seattle to Japan. I'm 2H and I dwell in Seattle. My street art may bring some happiness but also tear apart families in the process.--------------->2H Pocket Full of Monsters crew international.

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I like it, but I don't think I grok it. Why is a paraplegic zombie gal riding a six-legged/two-tailed capybara? I think it looks cool, I just think that this work in particular needs something more than just looking cool.


that's the whole point is to have a shirt that is fucking cool. I'm tired of all these stupid illustrator vector design shirts! It's time for people to put up some hand skills.--------->2H


I'm at five right now keep the love alive! to all the street art fans out there if I win this I'm going to put all my money back into making new clothes so support the artist's that put it down with true hand styles imagination and inking skills,instead of lame computer crap.

banksy was here


i really like it and hope to see some of your art on the streets


5 $$$$$$ for style & originality. Love that.

franx profile pic Alumni

fiv5... keep'em coming.


love <3




This reminds of Texhonlyze.


i like it!

d3d profile pic Alumni

i like the drawing but i'm responsible for a lot of those "stupid illustrator vector design shirts" and i don't see anything about your design that i couldn't do with a mouse rather than a pen.


your that vector guy! man I found you, your pretty sneaky you guy you. Who cares i wasn't speaking of everyone just designs that are kinda weak like your 1.9 % approval rating.


thanks for the support!-------->2H

Mr. Monkey


I do street and digital.
But I always sketch it first with pen and paper.
I do ma stickering in Holland, Belgium and France.
U should check out ma vectors though^^


I like to do the same. thanks!


like the skills, dope illustration..5$.


You wanna talk weak? How about alienating the other artists on Threadless who happen to be judging your entry?

Everyone and their grandmother is a "street artist" these days. Feh.


my art is on the streets and old grannys love it, l'm muthafooking stud man!!


You sound like a mouth-breather.

Soviet Bot

i like the style, i just don't want to wear it on a t-shirt.


I Love This! A true work of art.


sick! i want one of your handbags but i'd settle for one of these. If, oh yes theres always an if (your public are never happy), you dropped the print right down to left, like on the side of the t. it's a pain to mass print but thats the way i like 'em total personal t-shirt preference. the actual image made me laugh. total winner.


'The design must be within a 13 x 13 inch area and may not extend over shirt seams.' aaaaah bugger they'll never make my perfet t.


i loooooove it.
<33333 please please please i want it soooo bad.
$5 x eight billion million kajillllllion.


2H... what the hell are you doing attacking d3d and bringing up his 1.9 scoring, when yours is 0.3838? All you've been doing is attacking those whose style you don't like and singing from the rafters how great you are. Talk about weak. By the way, are there a lot of street corners between Seattle and Japan? I could've sworn there was mostly just a lot of water.


I'm definitely a fan of your work, you have amazing technique and style

i'd wear this shirt, no hesitation


oh yay! you are so clever! you can draw a picture!


gsus why are people so effin angry on here? It's just a shirt! and those that don't like it,well whatever, I'll get it printed eventually anyways and I'll pee on them. ooooooooohhh sooo serious calm down and take your zoloft. ------->2H


thanks to the homies for voting 5 high.---->2H



Only thing that sucks is that this character or specific image "is no longer yours" if it gets printed!

I'd rock it fa sho. Seattle reprezent'd!


cool work!


oh my god! i love it!



id buy it if the shirt was a different color, perhaps white? 5




Grotesque! Maybe on a nice big canvas, or as you bost, a street corner, but not on my body.
What's with all the hating?


I'm not a hater. i was just making jokes. It's just the internet. The thing your looking at, is just a screen. Stop, look around there's a nice world being polluted out there enjoy it while it's there. Smiles all around for everyone there on me the------------>2H


Thanks to the people giving nice advice and still hooking up the high 5 support! I wanted to put the design down on the side or put some of my 2H lettering down on the bottom right. But I had to stick with the rules.---------->2H
don't worry be happy! ;)


love the girl's face. nice style. hey, i'm all for art skills, but computer stuff is good too. i'm for all of them. keep up the good work.

Little Yellow Jacket

The disfigured character combined with the now extinct Pig Footed Bandicoot in my opinion, is a sarcastic view towards societies ambivalence to what is going on in the world around them and how it affects them more than they know. The illustration gives a message to everyone who comes in contact of it and challenges you to look twice.


Like it. Like to draw such freaks by myself, so i percieve this girl as smth familiar... it makes me feel so cosy. Like your style. 'll buy this and wear. And - cool chocolate color. One of my favourite.


i like the shirt. i like the design. i'd like it if it were done by mouse or by hand.
i'd like it even more without the arrogance that came from the designer. although this site is a competition of a sort, slagging off different styles just makes you as bad as the people you hate for picking on your differences. if you want acceptance be accepting.


I'm accepting and I love everyone. world peace,and I also love a $5------------>2H


Reminds me of Mark Ryden and Trevor Brown. That's not a bad thing, but it seems a little derivitive.

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