• by eoin3
  • posted Sep 15, 2005

The Noble Ninja and the Scurvey Pirate...

It's a feud as old as the internet itself. Their battle is epic though the outcome remarkably inconsequential.

A line's been drawn in the sand. What side will you stand on when the swords are drawn.

A vote of $5 is a vote for a winner...or at least a vote against a Stupid Ninja who can't even win a game of Tic-Tac-Toe!

Watch this

with the exception of the text, this is one of the funniest shirts i have ever seen...maybe keep the "yarr" but get rid of the "stupid ninja" part


I think it'd be better with each head drawn differently..and no text.


The title is perfect! Replace the
existing text with the title and
have the top right pirate with
his mouth open as if he's the one
yelling, "Yarrr!"


I agree, lose the text but I like it.


You sir just got a 5... and screw everyone else kept the text it needs to be boldly shown that ninja's got nothing on f'in pirates... yarrrr....


either change the text to the title of the shirt, or drop it altogether (i vote for dropping it), but you've got a killer idea here--this shirt is a lot of fun!


Leave it just the way it is. The text makes the shirt, IMO.


I don't mind the text, but I think that it would make more sense if a ninja had blocked the lower left move.


What is with Pirates and Ninjas? I think its funny though.


A dumb pirate would flaunt winning a tic-tac-toe game.




Will the Ninja V Pirate war ever end?


SemantiTheft... That's why the Ninja is Stupid! any pirate would have blocked...

Marconi - you're probably right but such is their struggle

Badgerr - hey Thanx

Milovich - prolly not... but that's war..


Awesome shirt just get rid of the stupid ninja stuff and you are good


where has everyone's originality gone to? so many submissions are the same now... i'm sick of seeing all these nija vs pirate shirts as well as penguins and heart tees. if you people want these kind of idiotic, 5th grade humor shirts go to your nearest hot topic and buy one already- why are people submitting shirt ideas that have been around for years now?! threadless is a place for original ideas! come on people! do something unique!


Sex sells jamilton...


ninjas and pirates are such an integral part of society, we cannot just abandon them like our daily use of toilet paper, let alone when playing everyone's favorite pass time, tic, tac, yarrr. please people, see the need for everything that this shirt obviously offers. GREAT JOB !!!


seeee cdelo6 gets it!


It would defientely be better without the text.
Maybe keep the Yaarrr, but do something different with it.


I'm sorry but ninjas are far cooler than pirates. Maybe it's cause I'm asian but stillpirates dont have the mad skills of a ninja... and yes I am in fact a ninja.


Now I like the shirt, but CLEARLY the ninja would be the victor. Pirates, being too drunk off grog, would hardly be able to find the paper.


i like the text .. the only thing i would add is the word "Ye" in front of stupid ninja. or ad an "s" to ninja.. " yarrr! ye stupid ninjas"
great idea! 5 $


take away the text, it's obvious enough without and it adds nothing.

then re-draw the lines. the fact that you've just stamped the same line on 4 times for the grid really does nothing for your chances.


I guess I won't throw away this assasination bounty offer on your head. Get ready for a throat fulla steel.


aaahhh that's too cool!
ninjas and pirates re two of my favorite things.
and it would be better w/o the text...


" The title is perfect! Replace the
existing text with the title and
have the top right pirate with
his mouth open as if he's the one
yelling, "Yarrr!" "

very good suggestion


oh yes, love it! and love that suggestion^


text, no text, what ever. it works both ways.
i love it. yeah, it is really stupid, but sfw?
are we not men? we are d-e-v-o!
print this shit!


If, there's any chance, they do print this design... I will Change the text to Tic-Tac-YARRR! or just YARRR!


Tic-Tac-Yarrr! is too American ('tis called Noughts and Crosses here, dunno about anywhere else). Yarrr! would be more appropriate (Or no text at all)


hey thanks...i'll keep that in mind if I ever rework the design to resubmit!

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