• by em_down
  • posted Sep 13, 2005

hush up now, trying to listen.....

Watch this

Interesting design. I like it. But it needs to be smaller.

Bob LLama

i haven't ever seen anything like this before, i really really like it.
the hanging guys are just a tad bit creepy which really adds an interesting tone to the design.
great job man!


Wow, I love the effect you have on the people. The colors look really calm, too. Which is the effect I'd imagine you went for.


^ agree with Bob. Its new and has an eery hint to it.

Art is Hard

I like the design, but it's a little too big.


Very imaginative take on the contest theme. I'm not so keen on the half-tone myself, but that's a pesonal taste thing. 4 for originality.


I love the idea very original but i dont like the effect on the people it dosnt really match with the other part of the design.

il also give it a 4 for originality


I would wear it. It goes well with the theme :)


if they could do the 3D shadow effect on it that would be cool.

it's interesting.


so many nice ones for this competition...
and this is deffo one of them!

The blue inside the baby-toy takes away some of the focus me thinks though.


dont like the halftone dots, good concept though.


I like it, but the image ia just a little too big, a little smaller and off-center maybe might do the trick.

pineapple princess

so lovely. so freaking lovely. im crazy about it. i like that it's big. one of the problems i have is paying beaucoup money for tees with teensy graphics. i love it, okay? gimme gimme.


I love it....and I've never even heard of this band...but I'd wear it just because it rocks.


Great design! I would definitly buy and wear it!


creep-tastic! smaller would be a-ok.

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