card shark

wow, thats hard to see.

Watch this

Agreed. Perhaps lighten one of the colrs, or add a light outline to the spade?


Would making the spade red instead of black make it stand out more? Would still look cool... either way, I'd buy it.


You better NOT make the spade red. Spades are black. You could make the shark lighter, but do NOT make the spade black or grey or what have you.


Yes, this shirt is amazing. The shark is so happy!


oh okay i see now. didn't see the spade..hmm..maybe white?
Or yes outline it in white or something

I love sharks so much


Might work better if the spade was in a position on the shark so it almost looked like a natural marking, rather than smack in the center of his side.


I do'nt get it. What's a card shark?


maybe......too dark though, can hardly see the spade


Took me minutes to see that there is stuff on the shark. Can't tell what it is, but that looks like a shark. If you had done the shark in a Royal card fashion you'd have something. But you didn't and you don't.


Love it. Just make the shark lighter so we can see the spade immediately. Gray is good.


certainly not low-larious. :)


LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!! thats hilarious!!! yeah, i think it would be better if the shark were lighter,but other than that, i MUST applaud you!!!!


The spade needs more definition, but toherwise it's very cute.

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