Helicoptered Elevator

If you speak any faster...I'll fly away in a helicopter pulled elevator. The girl is covering her face to sheild from the thing thats speaking too fast.

Watch this

WOW..........OMG...........I love you


it would be cool if they can make that creature as threads popping out of the shirt, instead of the plain printings


Hey Michael, that girl in the cage is Jiaoni right? haha..you put her in a cage? jk.. i hope you win something. I always vote 5 even though its the ugliest shirt ever. JK! jk jk jk. hehe its great. well ttyl bye


I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about this shirt just looking at it. But then I read your little narrative, and I'm not as concerned with the shirt as with how completely totally awesome you are. I want to have sex with your imagination!


I like that.


Wow. this is the farthest deviation from the "speak too fast" theme I've seen so far! despite that, I think I like it

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