coffee break...

  • by Luke...
  • posted Sep 07, 2005

is it time for a break...?

this overworked, overstressed, overtired 'bot doesnt seem to be enjoying his break very much...

he just stares at the swirls in his cup-a-joe wishing for a real break, a vacation, maybe a nice hot-oil bath, or a relaxing trip to the mainframe, how 'bout a nice comfy dock-station near the cooling fan.......

well, for now he'll just keep workin'....

if he scores well perhaps he will get that vacation he deserves..........:)

Watch this

Very nice. LOVE your robots.


I really enjoy Luke's work. :)

I would suggest moving the arm holding the clipboard forward a bit so that it (and his hand) clears his legs. There's a lot of intricate detail that seems to get lost in its current position.

Speaking of coffee, it's just about time for mine! :)


Yep this is sweet, good variation on the classic kill bot design.


...finally there is a robot that I can relate to ! I love this. would wear this & it's right on the money. 5$ nice job.


Much bigger and off-center please :9 As is, only a 4. Larger and to the left or right, 5!


I have to agree w/ Phineas about the arm. It's hard to see the had and clipboard. It'd look cool bigger, off center and maybe standing on the bottom of the shirt. But other than that...

I think it looks great. Great character.

Great job Luke!!!!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

well, thanx everyone for all the kind words... glad you are enjoying this new addition to our 'bot family...
phineas & i-choic : i agree detail is lost, but i didnt want to lose the relaxed/slumped gesture....and i like the detail lost out on this one......
thread staff can position it diff. if they want, but dont expect anything but centered from me, and thats what most people want around here as well.................
thanx again, and keep those comments rollin....


i think the illustration is really cool!


I'm envious of your robot.
And I know envious is spelled wrong.


Looks okay, but the placement could be better. Maybe you should move it to the right.


Coffeebots. Hell yeah



Very nice, but it's the kind of design that could take up more of the shirt, or if not, have more to it than just the robot in the centre.

Some more objects, like a coffee machine would be nice.



LOVE love love the illustration. His pose speaks for itself.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

hey, blandford....why hide the profile, man...? open and honest.....
yea, ur right......those first ones were horrible....i didnt really know what this site was about, and did those in only a couple of minutes was to test the waters, so to speak.....and now they will forever haunt me.........oh well, they will keep me humble, haha......:)


LOVE IT! $$$$$$$$$$$


Wow this is cool


Really great illustration. And not too big either. Congratulations, my first 5 of the day.


Oh, I see, I forgot to leave a comment. Well, you already know I love your BOT. And I would wear it, too :)

d3d profile pic Alumni

my only criticism is that the drooping head looks a little like it's trying to save space for the neckhole. i realise that isn't the case, but i'd prefer he was either lower on the shirt or more erect. more erect is always better.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

thanx everyone, glad you are enjoying this caffinated design....the larger image on natural can be seen in my profile......


I love this design! I must concur that I checked out your past submissions & I really like your work! This one gets a $5!!


love it!!!! the pose, the colors, the design...$5



really looks llike he needs a break


the robots hot...dont think id buy it tho...mayb if it were bigger i dont knw...but yea the illustrations is fire


love it....
hahahahaha... nice robot


very cool, a bot that needs coffee to make it through the day. i wonder: after drinking some caffine rich joe, does the bot go potty and leave behind a cup of decaff...?... maybe i wonder too much, sorry. oh, and i would buy this 4.999 (maybe 5) design, though i would like to see a crack or chip in the cup. also, the expressions you give your characters are perfect!

lveclipart this I DO love!


I hate robots, but the colors alone make the shirt worth wearing. Good job, by the way.


I want a cup of coffee just by looking at this thing.
And we all love robots right? Nice pose too !


dude i love ur designs! keep it up

Luke... profile pic Alumni

thanx for all the nice comments, really brightens up my day.....
glad you guys are liking my latest 'bot....


somehow, i want there to be two robots

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