Suicidal ninja schoolgirl panda with a robotic duc

A tee shirt for everyone

Watch this

The complete title of this shirt is:
“Suicidal ninja schoolgirl panda with a robotic duck and a hanged penguin pirate all inside a breaking heart with bullet holes - LOOK OUT there’s a bunny bomb!” I knew it wouldn’t fit up there^

This isn’t a serious submission. The inspiration for this shirt comes from all the accusations of thievery. Kudos to those that catch these cheaters, but if an idea is similar I wouldn’t go jumping to any conclusions. When you finish a design you can’t possibly KNOW if it’s never been done before. I say have fun and draw what you want.

I thought it would be funny to use as many recurring themes as I could - this way I could “rip off” just about EVERONE!

Oh man, I wish I had put some tape in the shape of an X over the panda’s mouth…damn.


I really enjoyed that because I agree with you! It almost seemsas if people just enjoy being mean to each other when it comes to just about everything. If you do'nt like it vote poorly or skip it no need to rip someone apart, I mean if it is a complete and total rip off like an image just cut and pasted thats fine but if its just generally the same well theres to many people in the world for us to not think alike


Way to go brotherman!!!

I love that you're poking at these
Threadless trends. I like some of
the trends, but I don't mind having
fun poking at them.

Other trends on Threadless
( I'm not saying they are trends
right now -- I'v noticed them from
looking through Threadless' archive
of previous designs before I joined) :

bikinis ( you can put that on the penguin )
rubber ducks
emo kids

Are there any more ?


oh oh yes .. Men wearing ties without any heads!
..put there in there somewhere

...stupid hearts...I HATE THE HEARTS
(not yours the ones that are everywhere)
oh and you should add a bunch of bad text.. this is rad...only people from this site would understand though




BUTTERFLIES! Oh man how could i leave out butterflies? ... and bare trees, splatters, men with ties, dinosaurs, etc. DAMN!! next time i'm calling you all ^ FIRST! I didn't leave myself out either - i had ducks in my first submission :) i'll probably use ducks again sometime - they are just damn funny animals


u forgot a dino & robot



i want this

but the fact that he is a ninja
panda is RAD!
wish he wasnt suicidal
frick this is awesome!!!


Yeah what's with all those tshirts that are walking billboards for ipods? Why the ipod? Are we that consumer-whore that not only will we wear things like that, but chose it as a design as well?
Love the shirt.


Maybe a little President Bush?

I hope you win... oh how I hope.


I’m sure it won’t win, this one is really a joke anyway. It’s meant to be more of a comment on accusations of thievery - particularly ideas. I don’t think ideas are copyrightable and they shouldn’t be. The “ripping off” of current trends was just for the laughs.

Oh, but I did remember the robots - the duck is a robot up there! And I do wish I put Bush in there too!


You are a bad ass brotherman!

i just signed up but i’ve been watching this site for a week now.
this shirt has more message behind it that almost all the others and it’s hidden in a joke! i want this shirt!


I'd wear it. i hope you win! I was going to mention you forgot president bush or pictures of bombs, or deer.. though it's just adding to a long pointless list.


This is great... from the title to the illustration... I LOVE it & I want it - I hope they print it- even if you say it was 'just a joke anyway...' it's pretty cool.


Id wear it purly because of the duck.


Lose the text ;-)

azrielen profile pic Alumni

Man I want this so bad. It's just so beautiful and random. $5 for the parody!


These are all iconic images and concepts. Of course they keep appearing.


no balloon animals?


Cahotic… Lots of elements dispersed…
Despite this, it was some interesting drawings…
You should try another composition… Forget some elements…


I would buy this shirt!


It may not be a serious submission, but I'd seriously wear it. I actually laughed out loud in the middle of my computer lab (how embarrassing!) And don't EVER remove the text $5


Thanks for all the nice comments. Actually I was afraid this sub might piss off a lot of people cause I’m poking fun at everyone. Nice to see we can still laugh at ourselves. Truth is, I hope we don’t lose some of these themes altogether. I could look at ducks and penguins all day - they are just damn funny critters.


Honestly I think this is the funniest submission I've seen yet. I ABSOLUTELY WOULD buy and wear this shirt. I'd buy 2 copies, just in case I spilled something on one of them. ;) And to whoever said he forgot the bombs... there is an explosive rabbit-bomb bouncing in from the upper right! Yeah, maybe it doesn't have butterflies, bare trees or an X over anyone's mouth, but really, it packs in about as many of the common themes as you can get without it being WAY too cluttered to wear. I love it so much and really, really hope it DOES get printed... "serious" submission or not! :)


Oh yeah, Che Guevara is a Threadless trend.


lol the ipod remark is the best!


Rahna, you would "buy 2 copies, just in case you spilled something on one of them"?! that's the sweetest thing i've ever heard! Thanks mom- er, I mean STRANGER! Haha, very nice of you to say really. If there was a colossal mix up and this thing DID get printed I think I would have to buy that “backup” copy for you :)


^ hey pins, your sub kinda makes my point. it was submitted before i joined so i never knew about it and yet we both had a similar ideas. you said you got bashed for yours but a 2.32 score is hardly getting bashed. i bet this one does no better, probably worse. thanks for the laugh though :)


Heh, you forgot some random girl's face with a vacant expression of in one corner, too. 5, and I'd buy it on any color other than yellow. Hell. $5 anyway.


There needs to be bandaids and a couple birds on strings. Also, some weird "almost looks like a flower on crack" design with a bunch of random lines coming out of it.

Hehe. Yes, this made me laugh. 5. Oh yes. A 5. :)


This is magical and fantastic. I heart it more than there are hearts on this site.

the gurglagon

just one question: is that a bomb in the shape of a rabbit?
because i dont think ive seen too many of those on this site.


the gurglagon, in order to get in as many things as i could i had to marry some items together like the suicidal ninja schoolgirl panda and the bunny-bomb. well actually EVERYTHING is married to something else. there are bunnies and there are bombs and other weapons, so i put a Bunny-Bomb!


Cute! Good job! :)


I cant really agree... i dont like the design.. i have seen a lot better... but good effort for trying.. maybe next one


Is there supposed to be an in-joke here? I don't get it.


^toordefours, gosh i have no idea what to say. i explained the joke in the post up there and every other post since has re-explained the joke. if it is still over your head at this point i guess you're not supposed to get this one :( better luck with the next shirt!


hahaha, nice one.. but only threadless users would enjoy it, unfortunately


Also you could add a squid/fish/sea monster

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