Where the @!#$ Did You Get That Banana?

Based on the Mitch Hedberg quote:

"On a traffic light, green means "go" and yellow means "yield," but on a banana it's just the opposite. Green means "hold on," yellow means "go ahead," and red means "Where the fuck did you get that banana at?" "

Watch this

fuck ya!

great comedian great shirt

Mr. Monkey

I like Mitch Hedberg.
I dont like this shirt.

Mr. Monkey

Ups... U still got a 3
nice design and I like bananas ^_^


It's too big! Shrink by 75% or so.


I mean shrink TO 75%.


Thanks for the comments so far. It's my first submission, so I don't plan on getting a huge score--I plan on leaving it how it is and seeing how it does.


I actually really really like this. I'd definitely buy it. Because it's so random. The bananas are pretty big, but I think it somehow adds to the design :D

d3d profile pic Alumni

mitch hedberg ruled. pity he died. it would have been cool to see red, yellow, and green bananas lined up like traffic lights.

Jus A Rascal

This shirt is pretty sweet. Try and fix up the bottom banana but keep it BIG. RIP Mitch.


I love this so much! The only thing I would change is that bottom banana...it looks kind of out of place. I think just the other four would be ideal.


I love Mitch Hedberg... not so much the shirt


HAHAHAH!I love this shirt.Yay Mitch! This shirt needs work though.The t shirt color is blechy.


good design
work on the last banana, its a little bit hidden/awkward looking
shrink it down just a little bit though


I love Mitch, but I think to get others to also love Mitch you should consider resubmitting this and putting the quote on the back of the shirt.


yeah, the bananas could be a lil smaller... but I LOVE MITCH so this is great.


bananas are tasty, Hedberg is funny...nice combo


lmao.. that quote made me laugh... i like the design... a little too big, though. 4!


dude awesome 5$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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