Teeshirt of Suburbia

The inspiration for this design comes from ''Mourning Girl,'' and a certain musician.

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my sister would like this shirt. let me go ask her...


billie joe?


This makes me kind of think of that Yahoo commercial with Green Day playing in 8 bit or so style look or something.

slender fungus

playing your guitar way down there can't be good for your back...

Johnny + Rob

i would vote for the red shirt. on the white it looks kind of generic, but on the red it feels more alive. maybe it's the tie, i dunno. good design and placement


a hate green day with a passion.


no dice ian. nice illustraion, but no.


you will definettly sell this on the GD concert but not here

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Eww, green day.

Don't want to knock your tastes, but hey, it's not my cup of tea. Nice illustration.


it's sooooo well done! giving it a low scoring simply because you don't like green day is lame. it's a good shirt and ian's a good artist. and if lovely amy makes her lame comment about the colors on this shirt i might pull out my hair in a fit.


Green day is sooo overrated. Nice art, but I'd never buy it.


Very, very well done, but no, I wouldn't buy it.


yup, very Green Day


uggh. i think i get enough of them everytime i turn on the radio, TV, or even during every single commercial break. i'm annoyed enough as it is, without wearing it on my shirt. (but the art is good)


Eh. Greenday isn't really my taste.


I like some of their old stuff, but you go to any website, turn on any channel, and it's Green Day. I'd like to keep them off my shirt too.

  1. don't try to make shirts inspired by other shirts unless you can match the quality of the design.
  2. don't listen to green day
  3. have a point, please.

emo and punk and emo and punk and messy hair and oh my.

sad emoticon coming out of his box....


Ava Adore

yeah its billie

azrielen profile pic Alumni

Ugh Billie Joe Armstrong. Love his music, but what a douche, seriously. If the rest of the bad were on here, maybe (though that makes for even more copyright issues), but just Billie? Ew.

azrielen profile pic Alumni

And to the people saying don't do it because you hate Green Day, if I made a shirt with a vector-iized Gerard Way on it (singer from My Chemical Romance) i'm pretty sure that it would be so hated and flamed that the 1.5 rule would pull it. Hahaha. We're voting on wether or not we like the shirt and want to see it printed, in the end.


"ie elana" and "azrielen" make good points. a shirt should not be judged by it's content but more on its quality. having said that, though the design is good, this is not threadless quality.

and green day sucks.


Proportions are way off.


Nice design, but Green Day f***ing sucks.


White stripes!

Short Horns

Last time I checked this shirt didn't play the music. If the guitar would be up higher and on blue I'd put money on there being a lot more positive feedback...

Simply because people think the shirt comes with the magical talent of playing Green Day music.

With that being said, the right leg looks wierd... the knee looks too high and the wrinkles look wierd.

Make the pants boot cut style that actually fit (WTF is with the white trash look of short pants?)

Upper half of left arm is like indented and wierd looking, and the right could be porportioned slightly different as well.


Green Day is so hip right now,
it makes me want to vomit.

Please try again with a less douchey subject. The vector isn't too bad.


i really love green day, especially the old green day, and yes, they're all over everything now...but I dont like the design....the legs are funky and the face is silly ooking. The pants are supposed to be like that, yes, billie wears them that way, they were made that way. i just dont like the interpretation of billie, it looks bad...sorry.


I'm so tired of Green Day.


sorry man, not a big GD fan.


green day may be everywhere right now, but I'm having a hard time deciding if it's trendier to like them or to hate them with a passion.


Everyone likes green day



I don't like Green Day. Let them make their own shirts. :/


i dont like green day but its a nice design! However the legs are to short and his right foot looks crippled. Stand up, look down and you will see that no one normal would tilt their feet like that... the neck is a bit to thick aswell. Fix these things and il give you a 5 but right now its a 3.


greenday pretty much sucks


ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. no

you get a 1 for being a groupie


Red shirt = awsome you should try and sell it to green day. PS theres no need to hate appreciate! listen to some old old green day (anything off Kerplunk) and know where it begain!


i like green day and all. but you know what?
i can't help but scream 'hack' at the top of my lungs.

arremgee profile pic Alumni

I love Green Day (old GD, anyway) but this shirt is just lame. Pretty good illustration, except for the really awkward guitar placement, but what makes it a cool shirt? It's just...Billie. And that's it. No punchline, no meaningful message, not much of anything . Anyone could come up with this.

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

Yeah, the illustration is great.
But I really really really really x 2,398,472,394,720,394,870 despise Billie Joe Armstrong.
Or at least I hate "new and improved" media whore Billie Joe.
And that's what this picture is of.

Sorry, but no.
Put your talent and efforts into something not completely lame.



wake me up, when september ends.....


to the people who say not to score this shirt low because you don't like green day...well THIS IS A GREEN DAY SHIRT. regardless of how good the art is, if you hate the content, score it as low as you want.


nice job on the design but theres more than 4 colors and im really sick of greenday


Good job, but I wouldn't buy a Green Day shirt.


Nice art, don't care for the celeb.

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