Centaur of Attention

It might not go along with the title directly, but I like it anyway.

Watch this

The horse body is MUCH too small for the human body - it's like a 5'11" guy attached to a baby Shetland pony. The fact that the anatomy/biomechanics of the horse body are completely awful drives me crazy, but might not bother people who don't know or care about horses/animals much. I'd say the idea is interesting, but the execution needs work.


ok image ( poor execution) but what does this have to do with the concept you are supposed to design around?


ooohhh, i thought the horse had a guitar head.
mmm. i like that better.
kind of a lazy execution.
don't be afraid to work on stuff longer.


Rahna- I know a little about horses, but I don't care about them. In fact I hate those vile creatures.
As for the concept- I didn't want to just draw someone talking fast or some other stupid literal translation so Idid something entirely non-sequitor instead. In actuality I had drawn this same thing before and just converted it to vector. I figured I'd throw it at the wall.


Um, yes, but could you please explain what this has to with "If you speak any faster?" Yes, it's different than the rest of the entries (yay you) but I just don't understand how it fits with the theme.


I honestly just meant to enter the regukar contest, but clicked on the "loves Threadless" thing accidentally. Yay me!


I would suggest making the guitar a different color -- perhaps a shade (or two?) darker than what you currently have. Perhaps make the man's face a shade lighter.

Other than that, it's a nice idea.


Centaurs rarely wear shirts. I say make him shirtless. And the face is a little weird. Otherwise I dig.


his torso/ horse chest part is abnormally long.


I know. Real centaurs don't look like that.


Cool idea but a better graphic, please! I like the title it fits well.


Cute idea but picture could be better. I would consider purchasing it if the design were executed better.


at first i thought that the guitar was turning into a unicorn. hah. i like that idea. this shirt is pretty cool too. i like how you can really see the movement

owen skyser-gray

Reminds me of Demetri Martin on Comedy Central, only he did it the other way around.
"He has the head of a horse... and the body of a man who needs a lot of attention." -D.M.


off register is not cool when the lineworl is sooo sloppy. but wouold be cool if it were cleaned up and colred nicely


is the hand and the guitar taken from a gorillaz picture?


Centaurs are fantasy, they can look or dress however you want. My issue is with the horse body.

They don't look like that. As it is he's balancing solely on his right foreleg. There are certain strides where this would be possible, but only for a second. There's no indication that he's moving forward, so if he stood like this my money's on him falling over. Also, like Rahna said, it's way too small and the anatomy in general is way, way off.

Overall, nice idea, but very poorly executed. Try using a reference for the horse body if you re-do it... Idealy a real horse as photographs are often distorted and you'll get a better understanding of their anatomy if you can run your hands over them and watch them in motion.


I'm gonna have to go ahead and agree with pseudo-ainu and Rahna, but not fully. I would say that the idea is much more than just interesting, but sadly enough, as said a bunch of times above, very poorly executed. I think you should give it an honest second attempt and work with it until you feel that it just couldn't get any better. I truly believe in the concept.

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