talk back to the future

  • by greaves
  • posted Sep 04, 2005

hopefully it's obvious, but this is pretty much, if you speeak any faster you'll go back to the future. hope you like it

Watch this
kt REX

i think its a great idea, 5


funny @!


This is hilarious! Great concept and well executed. I'd go for middle on chocolate. I really want this. I love those movies..


i prefer off to the side on chocolate, but nevertheless it reeks awesome.


I know that it won't have nothing to do whit the contest
I will love the pair of shoes and the fire alone in one tee


I would Go Back in time. For a little bit of this shirt Action. I would like it Cleaned up a bit. Design is Great and Great Concept. I will give it a four because Hugey Louis and the News just started playing in my head. I will also give it a Money Sign because I would buy this after clearance.


CHOOSE THE COLOUR OF THE TEE!!!!!!!!! The design cannot be properly judged with "options" as threadless only picks one colour! How do i know? Cos i have asked them previously! The Design and the tee are one big design not 2 seperate things!


It's funny once I read the explaination. I like it in the corner on brown.


If only LovelyAmy would offer some constructive criticism instead of copy-pasting on everything that's in more than one color...

But alas...


And by the way, to be constructive myself... yeah, it took the title to make me get it, but it's an interesting design nonetheless.

If you're familiar with the contest, it's a good submission. :)


i believe threadless would know what color to choose if it is selected. :D

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