More Blood, More Oil

  • by twniehaus
  • posted Sep 04, 2005

I don't expect this to be too popular...

Watch this
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i dont mind anti bush stuff but this whole thing has been played out, imo turn the whole concept on it's head or don't do it.


From a pure design perspective (politics aside) the gas nozzle looks like an afterthought. Maybe try incorporating it better or lose it intirely, or turn one of the coffins into a gas pump.


Follow blupotato's suggestion about turning one of the coffins into a gas pump and you've got a T-shirt that I would snap up in an instant. For noe, it's a 3.


a single coffin with a gas pump and stars on the coffin would be more effective in conveying ur idea. otherwise i do think it has been played out, and personally i think these kinds of shirts are automatically dated so you hav that to deal with as well.

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I think I understand the concept of this shirt. It's about those people that catch on fire at the pump because of static electricity, right?

I think it would be really embarrassing if you caught on fire at the gas station. People would always be like, "Hey look, everybody! It's that guy who caught on fire!" You could never show your face in town again. If you still had a face, I mean...


Liberals have such a minority complex when they are actually very much the majority in cities, urban areas.

Man, if you post a shirt with a political view, don't say something like "I know that this won't we popular..." That's frankly not very smart, this is a t-shirt contest ... you WANT to be popular, it's not a forum about politics.So if you don't think it'll be popular, why is it here?

It's not a very good attitude to have when posting a shirt ... it makes assumptions about the members of threadless, and it's as if you're making out most of threadless out to be "bad guys" in your view. If you want people to rate your design good, then don't tell them that they won't agree with your shirt right off the bat.

As for the shirt, I think the blue doesn't go along with the other colors, and right now it's a little inconsistent (the pipe isn't always the same width) so i think that if it looked less freehand and more smooth/mechanical it would serve your purpose much better.


Because people voice their opnions of political matters through whatever creative outlit they have

like creating t shirt designs

that's why it's here shrimp.

I agree with your concept & what you're trying to say with this design. The design it's self could be redone a lot.. looks a little tacky in a way..I agree with what icki said about it..

and yea...I don't know how threadless is with printing political shirts, and I do to agree to a point that maybe they should stay off this website...It's boiling too many people's blood


I thought that this was a volkswag63 entry. :)

A design variation to consider is replacing the image of a coffin with the image of a gas pump, or perhaps that is too obvious?

I don't mind political designs; they're typically not something that I would wear.


I would buy it and wear it as is- but I would buy it and wear it EVERY DAY if the last coffin were a gas pump. I <3 politics- thankyouverymuch.


It somewhat surprises me these political tshirts don't sell like hotcakes on here. Think about it. Threadless' core market is teenagers. 95% of teenagers are bleeding heart liberals and despise Bush because it's popular and cool. On paper then, why such hate? Shrugs

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Because Bush is pretty heartless, and dumb. Don't assume that I'm a teenager, just because I'm not money hungrey.


twniehaus, stop being a hippie. please.


Political statements in t-shirts are dumb...
I completely disagree with your t-shirt, and I want to score it a zero. But, to be fair..It is pretty clever.

However, I'm just going to skip it.
And...People are going to assume you're a teenager because you spelled Hungry "hungrey."
Not that being a teenager means anything, we can have opinions too..Right on.

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that was just a typo.


I hate Bush. Worst President EVER!

But there are REAL problems with the shirt:

1) The coffins are the wrong shape. They are supposed to be rectangle. Not that shape you made.

2) The orientation of the flag on the coffins are completely WRONG! NOT horizontal stripes. Where are the field of stars.

Go to this website to see the photos the administration doesn't want you to see of our slain troops coming back from Iraq.

My Very Own Succubus

No kilroy it is not "clever" the shirt is nother more than a regergitation of that which the liberal media is feeding the ignorant sponges in this country. If this war were fought for the averitious, blood-thirsty, desires of one "evil" man than where's the oil? I would love for you to tell me tweinhaus. And I don't blame you for your ignorance; this all powerful "doom and gloom" megaphone that is the media today spouts nothing but the bad. I just wish you would do a little studying before you try to engender other kids with your filth. America has done unassesable good in Iraq--from building schools and hospitals, to tritcherating the torture and rape-rooms, to imunizing thousands of children, to seting them on their way to the freedoms that I, and I'm sure most of you liberals enjoy. It just kinda makes me sad and mad when essentially good and twist it into the unrecognizable evil that is made manifest on this shirt.

And by the way america did rejuvinate the oil fields and refineries, but have let it flow right back into Iraq.


This t shirt is a pile of wank but what is a thousand times worse is that it gives poeple the opportunity to start spraffing their personel fucking oppinion on whatever the political crap the t shirt is about. boring.


Oooohhhh, they're coffins.

It's not obvious, nor is it interesting.

Open your own cafepress shop if you want to make a statement.

platypuses or platypi?

My Very Own Succubus, I'm afraid regergitation is not a word. I beleive you mean regurgitation. I agree with what FJackie said, although I thought coffins were sort of half way between the shape twnie haus has and a retangle.


I don't care about the political view of it. I just think the shirt is ugly


Wow, another anti-Bush/Iraq war shirt, how original. I can't speak for the rest of the people that participate on this site, but I come here to see creative artwork that makes me think or brings me joy. Please leave these kind of t-shirt designs on or some other political website. P.S. The "blood for oil" talking point has been played out for quite some time.

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so have pandas, and penguins but we still love those.
and i use 'love' loosely.


love it.



good design, not my view but who am i to silence someone else right?

i agree with the gas nozzle and maybe making one a tank...

if it were possible maybe slowly morph the coffins into a gas tank. it'd be tough but it'd make it even cooler looking imo.


I finally figured out what "IMO" means. Its an exciting day.



it just seems like a rip off
of the vH1 commercial
about the prevention of AIDS

and if you were going to go for a flag theme
you could have at least put some blue coffins with stars


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im not familiar with the commercial.
im not a 45 year old woman so i dont watch much vh1.
thank you for pointing fingers about something serious like ripping off art, when you don't know what youre talking about.


I love how people put everyone under a political umbrella.


I could give a crap about the politics. Afterall, this is (suppossed to be) a DESIGN site. In that mind:
Until I noticed the nozzle and hose, I thought this was some sort of Where's Waldo, Harlequin motif. After, I just don't like it. Too much.


I like the shirt and i hate Bush.

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