Heart in my Pocket

  • by melo
  • posted Sep 04, 2005

ahhhh where are all of these pocket shirts coming from??

Watch this

Hmm, one shirt has a banana, one has a heart. Not really the same.


I see another with grass and a hidden heart (I think its you too, huh?) ... Just a opinion, but i think it is too cliche, "false" pockets with something. I like, but not love. And i dont like the bloog dripping, just spotting.
But dont give up, maybe one day you put some money in your pocket! Hahaha! Oh, its a idea!



PS: I like more the Spray heart and West side!


Hmm. I don't think I would want people to look at me and think of the negative political phrase "bleeding heart liberal".


I hate the color of the shirt, I'm sorry. I'm completely biased against pink. however, I quite like the design, but the drips look rather out of place. Good job otherwise.


The concept has been done but differently of course..
lots of hearts being submitted..they can't all be printed
Not a big fan of the shirt's colour, does go incely with the concept though...
and i like the term "heart on my sleeve" better


If for some reason you did have a fatty bleeding heart in your pocket the blood would tend to pool and drip from the lowest part (the center) of the pocket first.

arremgee profile pic Alumni

It could just as easily be a baboon ass.


I've seen maybe 6 pocket shirts ever on this site... and just because 1 got printed means that any pocket shirt is lame and a break off of that?

Besides.. this shirt is supposed to be a lame clicke'.. that's the point.

This shirt is lame, that's the point.


Man...like the 5th pocket shirt i've seen in like 2 weeks...i don't like them anymore plus this one isn't too creative like some of the others i've seen


I like this. Haha.


I'm not sure if the drips at the bottom have an outline, but if they do, i think it would look better without it (more realistic). I think i might like it better if it were a real heart too, but nice job!


i don't know about the rest of you, but i am tired off seeing hearts on shirts...period


The shape of the heart looks weird..... you should really consider changing it. Plus, I agree with pascalecake. Don't have an outline around the blood dripping. Other than that, I'd buy it.


More dripy and for the love of god, please not in pink.


boring and simple. nah. lame.


If it was an arse sticking out of the pocket I'd like it better.

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