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  • by TFMdesign
  • posted Sep 02, 2005

i think this tee is pretty cool, i was inspired by SCHOSR_I's pro pic. hope you like it -brendan

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tesko profile pic Alumni

Your best shirt yest, I'd wear this centerd on a white tee $


diffently NOT centered.
very cute design

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Aww, I like him centered. I could almost see this on a Natural colored shirt as well. I love the fun here. The crayons could use a little cleaning up but other than that this is a great concept.

almost emo

O.O thats awsome i like it on the non-centerd on black thats awsome 5 + $ ^-^


it looks very good on black with a white border and the border looks bigger than it really is resized


You spelled "hamster" wrong. Or maybe I'm just bitter because I submitted a hamster idea two days ago.
Go figure.

(Which is to say I like it.)


i did spell hamster wrong, who cares i how i spelt it its just a link, its not the actually submission on threadless. and thank you for likeing this shirt ;]


You could improve your spelling overall, not just on "hamster." However, this shirt is awesome and I would buy it.


i know i spelt hamster wrong but its just a link for a better view. and thanks for liking the design.


love it!!!!!


kate moross

like the idea not sure about the execution. crayons are always cool.


this reminds me of that kid's book about that baby named henry and his purple crayon who went around drawing stuff all the time. :-)

azrielen profile pic Alumni

Center him and i'll love you forever.


its good but you need to choose on wear you are putting it. Never give options!


love it, but please center it!


I love it a whole lot. I wouldnt love it so much centered, and Id love it even more if it were on the bottom of the shirt

clearly, a 5 & $


I think this is really cute not centered!!


Like it as is. $5


I love it, except the colors


I like it centered.


i like it not centered. this is so cute! the only thing is that the ear sort of looks like an eyeball. but maybe that's just me.


I love it. Definately don't center it. It's much better how it is on black. I would buy it as is. Love it!

Carpe Diem

Love it on anything but center and any color but black. 5


everyone does know that it can either be centered or off-centered, right?


I like the illustration, except the ear looks like a 2nd eye ;] And... I think it'dlook better on white or non-black


I like it alot! I thinks it cool. I think it should be centered though and would be neat it you had a few random scribbles around the shirt too. Good luck with it. I would defienently buy it. xD


omg someone print this..it's to good to give up!


fix the ear and make it smaller.... VERY CUTE.


i think the ear looks fine but i can see were it can be mistaken as an eye.


it looks like cute gone wrong- kind of disturbing. I feel sad for the animal, like Peta will be angry or something!

cool, something different.


peta will get angry for coloring in a black and white animal? :[


it would have been better if u move it to the right or the middle but other then that its really kool


give the colored lines a crayon texture.


wonderful design. Love the rough hamster design. I would buy it if the design were but a bit smaller.


Centered on white, please.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the outside-the-lines coloring. I want one.


skibagirl: i think you mean harold and the purple crayon, one of the greatest books ever. EVER.

and the shirt's pretty cool, but what's that dotted line near the feet? is it scanned from a coloring book or something or...?


o snap i didnt notice the dotted line, actually i made this all in flash with my mouse, in flash there is 3 types of text dynamic, static and input text that makes text boxes with dotted lines around it, i twas that and a blank box, and if you soom in on the dots they are crisp a perfectly circular so theres no sign of scanning, besides i dont own a scanner, nevermind a decent digi cam.


that or it was with the dotted line tool, ill take it out


just checked and yes it was a dotted line tool, sorry e.e;;


I think it'd look pretty good on a beige or more earth-toned color shirt.


CENTERED all the way with better looking crayons love the colors and the whole lot and who cares how you right as long as you get your point across thats what i say lol =)

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