Manual Override

This is my first attempt at a design here. I was trying to go for something with an underlying sexual reference (after all, who doesn't like a good underlying sexual reference?). I'm not quite sure if I succeeded. I feel that I could have used something a little more interesting than a seat belt, but I guess I was just too pumped to finish it off.

Watch this

Mmm. Not sure that I'd wear it, but the graphic is very nice.


missed the mark


I totally get it. I laughed. $5.


Like the shir; don't get any sexual reference from it, however.


hey screw you guys this is awesome!!



Sexual Refference...
Manual Override...
seat belt ...
matters into own hands...

so its kinky bondage wanking
probably in an airoplane?

Garnel Hougo

boy did you miss the mark on this one.



It's not that bad. I think the fonts need to be a little more .. umphy.


this is hype

i really hope this becomes something i can actualy buy


...I don't really get it.


i got it, till you said it was supposed yo have sexual ref. now i don't.


I'm guessing here....

Manual Override involving a seatbelt. The Manual Override makes me think of pressing the button to release the safety of the belt. The seatbelt involving sex? makes me think of a condom.

"take matter..." then makes me think of masturbation.

So my summation results in... you don't need a condom to masturbate???

Anyways, too much thinking for this to work for me.


Based on the comments the refernce is obviously to obscure, no one wants to be explaining thier t-shirt all the time. Maybe a hand added to the graphic would help? Great design though.


This looks good. I don't really think the allegory needs to make perfect sense as long as the design looks this good. So 5$


doesnt make sense, but i like it anyways.


lose the text and put seatbelt lower.


Alright, everyone. Thanks for all your comments. I haven't had the net recently so I was only able to just check on it. I guess the sexual reference wasn't clear enough (it must me one of those things that only makes sense to you and your buddies... er, me and my buddies). Maybe I'll try something else in the next few days. Thanks again, folks!

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