One second...

Suicide King (King Of Hearts)

second sumbmission (idea from a friend)

Watch this

nice idea.... i would not wear something with someone killing themselves on it... sorry.


Lose the blood and stick the heart in somewhere so we know who it is xx 4


Nice. I'd like it better if it were on the card... and placed on the chest area.


yes if it were on a car and the head was coming off the card it would be aseome


Awesome idea, loose the blod, and maybe put a heart and a K up in the corner. I'd buy it definately.


hmm, i dont get why nobody likes the blood.... if your head got cut off, there'd be no blood? yeeahhhhhhhhhhhh


& i tried putting the "K" and/or the heart, but threadless denyed it and said "image too large to print"

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it's stupid to copy, do you not have shame?
0+0 = 0

"excuse me for my bad English"


Idea from a friend? If by idea you mean design, and by friend you mean someone talented that would rather not see you profit off of straight-up stealing his shit.



this is just too blatant 0_o


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its exactly the same shit, how did u do ?


Vilain, pas beau ! euh...okay, really disapoined about this easy way to rip others illustrations !


paaaaas bieeeeeeen !


Hum, I think RMX (the real author of the design) is not you friend anymore. You only are a copycat!

beautiful waste

if this came in black, it'd be even better...the sky blue makes it a little cuter, which kinda works against it, but I'd wear it, either way.


Holy shit dude, at least try and change it up a little. Your 2nd submission, and hopefully your last. Anything you submit you get a auto O from this point on.


This isn't the first time that this has happened. It's upsetting to see people submit work which belongs to others. I sincerely hope that the folks of Threadless take note of these individuals and take appropriate actions.

rmx: Awesome catch. Good on you, mate.


rmx is one of my best friends and to see his work is copied
by dishonest person people like you, just to earn money, that
disappoints me. You nothing in the head has!! Graphic designers spend
sometimes several days to have an idea and still it is more difficult
to be able to create it, and you you make a copy/paste on a
website, which is very known moreover! You can hide, species of dirty

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This type of stuff pisses me off...


It'd be nice if it were on the chest area...


let me guess..u accidently submitted this one too. along with ambigram


thank you degrassi

i always wondered how that word is spelled


m4l1k should make a t-shirt with that comment on it! "you species of dirty ripper!" that is my new favorite saying. as for you, well- i read all the ambigram blogs and felt like they were kind of beating up on you. but after seeing this, i realize you're just a turd.


i hope this designer is banned from submitting, worthless.

wookie cookies

screw everybody else and their criticisms. it's great.
you don't need the heart and the K, but it would be cool if it were on the center of the shirt. $5


wookie cookies is obviously as much of a reject as the "designer" of this shirt.


I would never wear a shirt with someone slicing their head off.


i wish there was a playing card with that on it. if that one comes out, thresless should totally make a set of playing cards with that one on it.


i think a heart should be incorporated into the design somehow.
then i'd buy it.
suicide king (king of hearts)? with no heart(s)?
c'mon. heart heart heart.


read the comments people. he doesn't deserve a four/buy. you fools.

K flexx


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