Red Balloon

a little design that I whipped up, works as a tatoo, figure it could work as a shirt too

Watch this

I love this design even if it doesnt print I'll buy one if you make it! 5$!!


ah the magic of the iron on, print em out in the masses, and pick out a shirt... might just happen


Nice visual paradox, crossing the dark with the fluffy. Made me laugh.

azrielen profile pic Alumni

Illustrations style is fresh like whoa. I'd wear it.


Ohhh... Death... I love death. Bring me more skulls, and blood, and crossing them with other things, and hiding them in pictures... Death death death.


Sorry about that... just sort of snapped. Im Ok now.


it's alright we all go a little mad sometimes...but the thing is I kind did have death on the mind, a floaty red skull balloon kinda just reminds me of the song by ENEA you know 99 luft ballon... Anyways that songs about war, and misunderstanding leading to possibly yes death. but this is just a nifty little thing I wanted to whip up like I said for a tattoo design, and figured would definatly work on a shirt... but I'm sure you still don't care


If you were a blood brothers fan or something, this could work..


Never said I wasn't a fan of the Blood Brothers

trust no one

i'd buy it on anothr color shirt.


Some people enjoy skulls and blood and zombies and such. Theres nothign wrong with that. Im fricken sick of just aninimals on t shirts but I don't write nasty comments about them because I wouldnt wear the shirt.Your judging the design, remember everyone has different tastes.
Jesus, why do people want to be mean?!?!?!?


finally a shining light in my comments basket


Such as?
You know it's a comment box so you can comment and Crit works, and designs... I'd like to know what it could use so for future referance I can add such to oppease to short worded commentators such as yourself...Also I'l like it better in another color??? What type of comment is that? What other color would work with said design? Mauve? Grass? Doookie?.... Look this is my first design on the market. If you like it vote for it, you can wear it when ever you want and be happy. But if you have something negative to say say it right rather then give a lame assed comment like "it needs something more..." then trail off in to nothingness. Here I'll help you... Something like flowers and a bunny. There that helps it a little bit, now go for the gold and tell me why it needs it! if you can't do not I repeat DO NOT comment... I don't need extra nonsense up here cause I full of plenty of it.


I liek the idea, but the implementation is somewhat lacking. I don't like the way the edges (particularly the bottom of the string) came out pixelated, and I also dislike the leftover pencil markings. When combined with the poor cropping, it makes it seem like you just scanned a sketch and threw some black lines on it.

Like I said though, it's not all bad. I like the shape, and the content. Color is nice too. I may get rid of the highlights in the eyes, since their sockets and all, but that's just me.

Cleaner lines would do it a world of good. :)


thank you for the well done crit, and I'll take the into consideration for the next submission (thumbs up )


it needs someone holding it, to prove it is a balloon, i think...
but it would have to be smaller if you did.
it is good as it is though


Eh.... I don't know. It looks a little TOO plain. It's hard to tell it's a string hanging from his chin. Then again, it's hard to tell it's a balloon. I had to look at it a few times.

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