Where's the gold?

Just a bit of humour for my first submission on threadless. Feedback is appreciated!

Watch this

Maybe this isnt such a good idea for a site that limits the amount of colors that they will print.


it's only four colors.

It does look a bit simple, though.


Erm...sorry, but I don't really want a rainbow erupting from my armpit.


I believe this idea could only succeed if the design was outstandingly attractive. To improve its attractiveness in my opinion, use different color choices for the rainbow, ad detail or elaboration, add another element or concept to the design. Not sure what you might add, but this is really really simple. This shirt might have appealed to me as a small kid. But now if I buy a shirt online, and go through paying S&H and waiting, it needs to be wonderful to look at, or give something to think about.


Don't worry Panda...I still love you!!!

hehehe....gold...IT's GONE!!!! oh no! What will we do?? I can't beleive those nasty trolls...They must have stole it!!! lmao


quoperate, your opinion is very helpful; I hadn't considered the design from that point of view. I liked the simplicity of it, but I can see how that can work against the design.Looking at it now I don't know what I would change though.
I appreciate all the feedback thus far except for the last comment because it made no sense.


gee thanks.


Well I like it, yes it's very simple but thats what makes it stand out. Also the fact that you haven't just placed it right in the middle makes it more interesting. but yeah it could do with an extra element to it like quoperate said.


i think its a bit plan. the background of the tshirt can be a bit brighter hope it helps


sorry if it was mean i read the note about being mean late i wish i can delet it lolz
and i dont get to talk to u alot so how have u been??? call me!

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