Revenge of the Doughboy

  • by shaymeow
  • posted Aug 30, 2005
  • 29 Comments not sure if that's a copyright violation or not..

but it's totally rad..

Watch this

I so hope this doesn't breach copyright. $5!


The whole pillsbury dough boy parody shirt thing has been done to death.


Yeah I like it but I've seen many doughboy shirts before!


that's a great concecpt, but try placing it higher on the shirt; it might look good if you placed the Doughboy in the centerish with the writing above or below it. also it looks like you have only 2 periods at the end; it should probably be 3. but it is a great concept and it doesnt look bad at all; the above is simply some suggestions of how i would do it if i had made.


Take the text out.
Then it would be cool.


i don't like the blue stroke around him but the rest is kewl


it looks like you only have two ellipsis after the text, and that bothers me.


I really like this one but would be so much stronger without the text, in this case the text gives you too much, you know that hes angry; the rest would be better left to the imagination.


HAHAHA love it but im not sure if id buy it


doughboy.. a bit overdone..


I'd like it better without the text.


great design, flaky idea though.


I like the idea and the art isn't to bad. Line work needs to be more dynamic and cleaner. The whole character needs more detail or something to give it depth. maybe use the blue from the outline to give it some cool shadows here and there.


No text.

Instead a big menacing finger comming in. Communicates more efficiciently.


I like the text too, just move it up to the front of the shirt.


LOL, $5 FOR SURE. <3


OHH i love Native's idea... that would be awesome.


I like it except the doughboy doesn't look good enough...just draw him a little better and i'd buy


i really like this, possibly moving the text and graphic up the shirt a bit would be good though


I believe I've seen this idea on a shirt before. With that title too. No matter. I'm not a fan of that font. The black lines could use a touch up on the scarf and the rolling pin. I maybe would wear it, not with that font, and on dark blue.


Yeah, I like it without the text and in the center. I love the style drawing. Looks fabulous!

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