Jurassic Polo

  • by shontoon
  • posted Aug 28, 2005

I know it\'s yet another \"T-Rex\" design but I just had so much fun designing this one!

Watch this

I woke up like 5 minutes ago (im a geek i know)
and this made my whole day..
but ugh i hate things in the center..it's this huge pet peeve for some reason...
but .. non the less if it's printed i will buy it


wow, very nice illustration


The polo stick looks way to flexible.


Thanks guys,
I would buy it too (if they print it!)


I know everyone will say, "Boo text et cetera!" but I would like for it to actually say Jurassic Polo.

Either way, $5.


Great idea. I would like to see some solid colors on this design!


Heehee. This so made my dad. Dinosaurs kick. Maybe add some solid colors instead of just an outline though. And I'm not feeling the bright blue shirt color.


^ agreed, and I also think the polo stick looks too flexible (sproing!) but still, I like :D


I like the stripes at the side. Maybe put them on the t-shirt down one side with the characters smaller in an emblem position.


At first glimps I was Jason on a dinosaur with a knive. Much more amusing but still a ncie design.


I think a darker color for the image would be better, and it would be pretty cool if you could get this on a polo shirt, like a pocket design or something...


Great - but it's a little hard to make out the outline on the colour of shirt you've chosen: line art always looks quite sparse. 5, though.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

i agree with the lines being a bit too faint, and i would like to see the eye color repeated as the ball color...nice concept...



i love this shirt. all my kids want one. so glad to have all the diffrent colors.


Whoa. skills.
I love this! I’d like to see what the players looked like at the end of this game - surely some would be missing body parts!


some color would be nice...or maybe just a darker image.


i really like the pink, green, and yellow stripe you used. that would even look cool running all down the front of the shirt as well. or maybe i'm crazy.


hehe.. i likey, but it looks like he's looking for a prehistoric campfire to roast that weenie on a stick.


I'd buy it if it was on the olive. Great design


Thanks for the positive feed back, I would like the yellow shirt myself


i like this alot, but maybe make it smaller and put it in the corner of the shirt like the real polos lol that would work

wicked design man 5$


i really like this
it's random.

the polo stick does look a little too flexible

the rex looks a bit like he's burping
or yawning
i guess thats bc his eyes seem kind of mild

but thats probably just me
either way, wonderful job.



cool image, but i am not so sure about that colour


Nice work Jamie! 5 out of 5, but could do with being a little smaller on the shirt.


Man, if you made a white shirt with that design and pink and green and blue stripes running down the design (exactly like in the diagram) it'd be a total $5.


awesome concept, great image, but the color makes it hard to see on the shirt.


This is really awesome. I'd totally buy it. $5


Not crazy about the colors, but great illustration!


best thing ever.


I don't like the colors - too hard to see. None-the-less a 5, and a place in my heart.


im not sure if someone already said this because im too lazy to read all of the comments, but this design would look really cool on a polo. like the "geek pride" polo printed a while back. maybe a white polo with the design in the bottom left/right corner w/ the yellow, green, and pink stripes going down [exactally like the diagram] would look really good as well.

owen skyser-gray

hmm fun idea
agree with the color change suggestion
in conclusion... t-rex rules
so much better than velociraptor
a velociraptor woulda gotten you a 4


Thank you guys for the positive feed back, I hope it gets printed too, and I'll try couple other idea's with it as well,
Thanks again


nope did not score well! oh well I'll print it myself on shirts

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