Wanna flock?

This is my first submission - hope I did it right. Go easy, my ego is a fragile thing! Seriously, I hope you all like it, I thought it was funny.

Watch this

Awesome! 5, Love it!


I know my boyfriend would wear it that's for sure..
lol it's cute.. a little punny..but if printed we'll probably end up buying it


Brotherman, you are likely to receive criticism from people who say your shirt doesn't belong on Threadless. I just wanted to preempt those folks by calling them douche bags.


I'm a douche bag.

I mean, your shirt doesn't belong on douche.

I mean bag my shirt, I'm a threadless.

What did I mean again? I think I lost my thingy somewhere...


Thanks eggnerd. I expect to take a beating. I think that many people here won’t like a lot of my stuff simply because it’s funny. I like funny - it makes me laugh. However, I am not single-minded when it comes to the works of others. I love many of the cool designs I’ve seen here. I even like the really strange, out there stuff. I think there is room for all voices, hopefully others will too.


i've seen way worse on threadless so don't worryyyyy its awesome!


Cute idea, but please god, no comic sans....!


^ I’m busted for being lazy… damn, I hate it when that happens.


Heehee. Definitely giggle worthy. If I had extra cash lying around, I'd buy it, but college is sucking up all my money. XP


Haha! That's funny. Lose the bubble and make original type. I'll definitely by it then.

marla singer

i fucking love it brotherman! my cousin and i have this on going joke about birds that flock, so this is perfect!


marla singer

now that i look at it more, the more i need this shirt in my life!!!!!!!!!!

EVERY ONE VOTE FOR THIS SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'd buy this for my boyfriend, although I'm not sure he'd wear that light blue.

Ash Sammy

lol I love the look on their faces, pretty neat, very funny. Kids would love this.

Ash Sammy

> I put 10/12/1900 as my birthdate because I thought it would be funny
> to see "Micah is a 105.69 year old boy..." But it listed my age as 35yrs
old, which is incorrect too- just not funny.

I suppose threadless limited its users to a top of 35 years old!!! In that case they should oppose a bottom limit so that the site won't clut with 15 year olds ;)


This is not funny, it's quite lame.


Are you calling my shirt a "lame duck"? HAHAHAHAHAHA


i love your submission and thanks for the poem. i really love your shirt. if you want to submit anymore poetic ideas, let me know.


Thanks for the nice comments. My poems are kinda goofy just like my shirts (actually almost EVERYTHING I do is kinda goofy - except when I paint) I’ll send you a poem I wrote for a friend’s little girl.


Love it... very funny xx


Definitely a cute idea, now you gotta just make it pretty to satisfy all the design nerds on here.

I'd suggest you lose the black outlines around the birds or make the background more cartoony to match the birds.


" Are you calling my shirt a "lame duck"? HAHAHAHAHAHA"
oh man, just for that comment, sonata should give you $5


"lame duck" is a bad way to say/spell a ballet step. theres your random fact of the day.


thats friken awesome


eh. not for threadless, but it's still sorta funny. 4, because i can tell you're going to get lots of critism for making "sex jokes".


Is there anything in the world I hate more than Comic Sans? Let me think... Well, having gila monsters gnaw out my eyes and piss in the empty sockets would be pretty bad.

Other than that, it's a pretty average shirt. Kinda funny, but not outrageously witty.

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