apples to trees, my father and me

  • by dustyj72
  • posted Aug 26, 2005


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cocothe cowfish

i think the apple should be more proportional to the tree. good idea though. ^ ^

Not a Surfer Rosa

I think the point, cocothe cowfish, is that the apple has fallen far from the tree, rather than conforming to "the apple never falls far from the tree."


Nice idea but the bubbles are annoying. Could you make them somehow
less central?


i like it and keep the bubble where they are...but perhaps it would be better if the apple wasnt in the foreground, but next to the tree, only far enough away so it can be seen as "the apple falls far from the tree" i like it tho and would buy it as is...

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I wanted the nose! :( Ah well...maybe you could put the nose back sometime, but I love the idea and the illustration. Still gets a 5$ from me, in all hopes that he'll get a nose again.

Geoff G

Your illustration style is b-e-a-utiful. Your trees are awesome. So yea, $.

C86 profile pic Alumni

Pure and simple. I would've stuck with the face on the apple (personally), but you've still got my score. 5$


The apple grew and grew until it far surpassed its father.

I love this design. 5.


Umm no Fyda. The apple fell far from the tree, contrary to the saying.


i think the apple should be next to it...? it seems big.

bombshield profile pic Alumni

its in the foreground where it should be.


I like it on the grey color you have it enlarged on.


This is fantastic. I'd buy this. Good design.


i like the idea but i htink type does not match to the design...... so may consider using hand writing type or somthing.... and fix the tree and apple a bit.... but i really like the idea though good luck


I love it.
Lovelovelovelovelove it.
I want this shirt.

whisper in water

It's a great idea, and I love it! A few suggestions:
I'd like to see the apple as far back as the tree, but way off to the side. Far from the tree, still, but to the side instead of at the front. Because it does look slightly odd for the apple to be so very, very large...
Also, I'd change the speech bubbles so the tree's was on the left & the apple's was on the right. Since we read from left to right, it would be easier to understand.

bombshield profile pic Alumni

good input , whisper


nice design., simple and cute


Maybe you should make the apple be in proportion with the tree. But I still like it. Creative. 5


I think the apple should be far away to the right or left of the tree, and does it NEED the speech to portray the message? I think maybe just visible text,saying, "We are not alike." Maybe on the sleeve..? Or below the tree?


well liked the tree and the apples, but not the font or the speech bubbles... if you work on that then ill consider it a 4ish or 5. but i sure do love those apples since my last name is apple. hah

bombshield profile pic Alumni

the font is fine. its VAG rounded. Its approachable and a friendly alternative to your cliche helveticas which I usually save for posters and more designed materials. I stand by my choices whole-heartedly as a designer and intelligent typographer.


Font & bubbles are great-- place the apple to the left of the tree slightly in the foreground (nearly the same plane and make only a little larger than the other apples). Kudos.


I absolutely love the idea but it just looks really really ugly.

bombshield profile pic Alumni

wow. that was certainly constructive.


agreed with whisper. $4

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