For all the threadless people who hate word balloons. Here's one exploding.

Watch this

I actually really like this. I'm real not sure why, but I think it would look awesome printed.


very nice. i like the green shirt


The only thing I would add is the June Logo since it's kind of a bland design and it is essentially for them.

Red Panda

Maybe have it so the june logo is saying the exploding bubble?

Kinda like text outside the text-bubble, or a word having something to say (that breaks an unknown fundamental universal law - making the speech bubble explode!).


this is amazing. but i'd have somewher e"if you speak any faster" also.
but it's still amazing.

Fortino Samano

other. not interesting enough, perhaps have words escaping


I like it. It's simple, but a really good concept.


its a simple concept, i like it, but i had to look at it for a few seconds until i finally realized what it was.


Just kidding. The "words escaping" would be a good addition, since (even though I like the idea now) I had no clue what it was before reading your commentary.


LoyalSubject, at 10:37pm on Aug 26, 2005

The only thing I would add is the June Logo since it's kind of a bland design and it is essentially for them.


actually, don't, the design is supposed to stand alone.


the only reason it exploded was because it was awful.


awfully good!
I like the idea lots. The one thing that bugs me is that at the border of explosion/non-explosion I start seeing the negative space as positive, like green (or gold) things attacking the speech bubble.


Fabulous! I love how such a simple design can make such a great statement...


GREAT!!! i like gold colour!!! the background of your submission is NICE!!!


i like it!!!!!!!!!!
it looks really great!

i like it on green!


I think it looks great and I immediately knew what it meant. it's an exploding word bubble - what's to figure out?

wake the dead!

The only thing that bothers me is that the speach bubble has same straight corners around the exploding part, and frankly it just bothers me. I love the concept though.


i like the concept (:
maybe add a little person popping it with a pin.
green looks really good (:


i like it but i think it should have the logo somewhere and maybe if the bubble it's self was small and in the right upper side?

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Alumni

They'd prefer it if it didn't say "June" on it. Probably because they want to be able to sell it outside of this contest. Hopefully it will stand alone as a graphic shirt that people would buy whether they've heard of June or not.


I at first thought it was bird poop when I glanced at it so I was like wtf but now that I actually know what it is its pretty awesome


It look like a "speech bubble" bursting!
Nice bursting effect!

whisper in water

I don't usually like the submissions for contests, but this one is really great.
I like the simplicity & the style, and it looks great on both colours. Two thumbs up.


good, but i agree it would be cool to add some words in with the bursted bubble bits... shrug either way its' cool, but i like other submissions i have seen for this contest more.


great concept, but the execution could use some tweaking. i'd prefer if the speech bubble weren't so rigid and placed off center near the bottom left of the shirt instead (so that the end of the speech bubble were at the corner of the shirt).


I thought it was an exploding egg at first.

owen skyser-gray

great concept. and although i migt like to see something else going on for comparison purposes, it really does work well just by itself. simple, self explanatory, and yet still intersting.


Sweet T, ignore everyone who says "add a logo, add a word". Quite obviously you don't need it, great concept and well executed.


Good concept, but I think it could go a lot further to truly be a great design.

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