Saddam is my Holeboy

  • by UCArts
  • posted Aug 24, 2005

A Mock Design of the "Jesus is my Homeboy" Tee

Watch this
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Bit smaller


I think this is a good t-shirt, but not for Threadless.


i think it's hilarious and i would most definatly buy it. I doubt it would get printed though. Greeeeat design and idea.


lol.. you do realize that no one would be able to waer it to school, work ... outside where there were policemen?
that is of course if they live in the states, if they lived in texas they would probably be shot.

it does rock though

Not a Surfer Rosa

shaymeow, I don't think wearing it in public would get you arrested... they're not going to believe you know Saddam and had a shirt made up...

I like the design. I've seen something similar here in Berkeley.


I would buy this because my dad bears a striking resemblance to Saddam.


i think it's freakin' hillarious! of course this is coming from the person that thinks all those jesus is my homeboy shirts are just weird. but newayz, i like it. it made me giggle like a little school girl! hehe


mmmmm school girls

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mahai! fucking cool! awesome! 5 ! buy!


"If they lived in Texas they would probably be shot..."

Yes, and we all ride horsies to school and wear ten-gallon hats. Every man, woman, and child is packing a six-shooter anytime he/she steps out of thier ranch home.

Hi-ho, Silver.


"my holeboy"? that could be taken wrong! sounds kinda fun, green-means-go


uummmmm cause he was found hiding in a hole

do people watch the news anymore?


actually, Saddam was probably not found in a hole.

But it made a great story that convinced many that America's efforts made Saddam a weak creature who resorted to living in a hole.

don't just watch the news, read the news too!

I have to give this a low score because I think G.Bush would chuckle at it.


don't care where he was found - he was a weak creature who resorted to murdering anyone he felt like getting rid of. Anyway, funny idea, well excecuted.


BWAHAHAHA. It took me a couple seconds to get this. I hate the "Jesus is my homeboy" tees, but this is just great.

Despite what other people have said, I think it's clever, whether he was found in a hole or not. And I doubt G. Bush would even get the joke.


This design probably won't be printed here but try submitting it over at, they also are a site open to designers to submit designs just without a voting process. This shirt seems like something they would enjoy.


side note: defunker appears to be currently offline.


hahhahaha! lolz


very tshirthell


I was thinking of sending it to tshirthell

thanx peoples

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