The Reaper

  • by tegehel
  • posted Aug 23, 2005

The Grim Reaper, reaping...reaping away...

Watch this

Not in the position on that colour. But -awesome- image.


Well, I used white as a background image, but really, any color can be chosen for that. I just don't know how to make it obvious that there's multiple choice. I guess that if it's chosen, the guys in charge will figure that out.


wow, that image is awesome.

5 and a buy.


I wouldn't wear it on any other colour..
and btw white isn't actually a colour wonderment :P

This is awesome, I do however think it should be a little smaller, and not dead in the center, maybe off to the left a bit


Oh bah on chemistry and light, white is too a freaking color.

Love the Reaper design, though it's not really something I think I'd wear.


gorgeous art, but it's not something i'd wear......


That illustration is great!!

Why isn't the bunny included in the t-shirt design?


Placement and colors are boring, but the art is amazing.


Placement?!?!...get a life people. Its bold...leave it right smack dab in the center. By the way...AWESOME!!! I'd wear it.


I have been looking for a really nice grim reaper shirt and this looks just great.. hope it gets printed


That image is amazing...I'd buy it just because I respect how awesome it is...


"It's great art, but not for a t-shirt. "

marla singer

creepy but awesome!!!!!!



The Deviation has a bunny. (I want bunnies on my death-shirts)... 5, though. I would buy it if it were coloured - say, dark pastels on a darker shirt.


pure death.... sweet graphic.... like mad-ame said... "not for a tshirt"... but that's what makes it so GOOD!


Killer...but I'm not big on what shirts. Maybe like a different color? Just an opinioin. 5

Rezon Mero

$5 Brilliant, if I am going to buy a t-shirt this year I hope it'll be this one


Don't fear the reaper.


demons are pretty and all but are they involved with human anatomy? because that swirly thing resembles a naval and giving birth to that creature with scythe in hand would be painful. but mothers of demons get no respect. but, i might pimp this shirt.


Awsome. Your cloth is just fantastic.


...hmmm.... I really like this, but i dont like white shirts.... gahhh... i want to tell you to put it on somethign else... but i cant... i want to say: try putting it on black and use shades of gray. but black is so cliche and well color just wouldnt work... eh...


I'd definitely wear it on a different color shirt, with a downscaled graphic.

Also, the bunny would be an awesome contrast.

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